Dieselpunk City-Builder New Cycle Launches in Early Access

Core Engage and publisher Daedalic Entertainment have brought a unique dieselpunk city-builder out of development and into Early Access with the launch of New Cycle on Steam.

This new title aims to deliver a fresh take on the survival and settlement-building genre by challenging players to establish and expand a post-apocalyptic metropolis.

Brave the Harsh Post-Apocalyptic World

A screenshot of New Cycle, an Early Access game

New Cycle thrusts players into a devastated world altered by a catastrophic solar flare event. Earth’s climate has become severe and unforgiving in this dieselpunk future, demanding survival skills from player-leaders looking to carve out an existence.

Resources must be utilized efficiently while balancing production chains and complex management systems that directly impact the new settlement’s success.

Tough decisions lie ahead, where a single misstep can lead to dire consequences for the morality and well-being of New Cycle’s fledgling population. Will you maintain your humanity in the face of such hardship? Or will difficult choices erode the social fabric holding this fragile community together?

Check out the New Cycle launch trailer below and read our overview of the game.

Rebuild Your City Through the Eras

Central to New Cycle is the sense of progression as settlements grow into sprawling dieselpunk cities spanning eras and cycles.

The Early Access launch includes 54 constructible buildings, 47 resources types, and 8 technological eras to research and advance through.

Architects must guide their cities through periods of expansion across 3 distinct social classes, leveraging the strengths of workers, engineers, and intellectual elites alike.

Two New Cycle Game Modes Available Now

A screenshot of an Early Access city-builder New Cycle set in a dieselpunk world.

New Cycle gameplay currently comprises two modes for builders to tackle.

A narrative-driven campaign mode presents specific challenges and story events across a war-torn Europe. Sandbox mode offers freeform creativity, letting mayors sculpt an urban utopia at their own pace with limitless possibilities.

Get in Early, Shape the Outcome

As an Early Access title, developer Core Engage is encouraging gameplay feedback, looking to the Steam community to help refine New Cycle in its formative first steps.

This collaborative approach means the dieselpunk city-builder that players experience today may actually evolve substantially in future updates.

For more information on New Cycle, visit the website, X, join the Discord community and check the game out on Steam.

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