Dragon’s Dogma II Showcases Magick Archer in Latest Trailer

Over ten years after the original Dragon’s Dogma became a cult classic, Capcom has finally announced Dragon’s Dogma II, the highly-anticipated sequel set to launch on March 22, 2024. The open-world action RPG will be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Windows PC.

To hype up fans, Capcom recently dropped a gameplay trailer highlighting the Magick Archer vocation and its devastating abilities. Keep reading for a breakdown of this specialty class, plus key details on Dragon’s Dogma II’s story, world, and other gameplay features fans can expect when it releases in March next year.

Magick Archer Wields Powerful Magic Arrows

A fantastical scene featuring trees and a waterfall, reminiscent of a magical world from Magick Archer.
Image credit: Dragon’s Dogma II

The Magick Archer is a hybrid ranged/magic class, specializing in raining down death from afar. They can charge up elemental magic arrows or lay magical traps to control the battlefield.

Dragon’s Dogma II Magick Archer trailer

The latest trailer shows the Magick Archer calling down lightning storms, igniting the ground in fire, and even learning a special Augmented Hawk’s Eye skill that significantly boosts damage. However, using the Augmented Hawk’s Eye permanently reduces maximum HP, adding risk to the high-reward attack.

Customize Your Own Arisen Hero

This image features a knight standing boldly in front of a roaring fire.
Image credit: Dragon’s Dogma II

Like the first Dragon’s Dogma, players in the sequel will take on the role of an Arisen — a hero whose heart was stolen by the dragon and now seeks vengeance. Players can deeply customize their Arisen’s race, gender, body type, appearance, stats and more.

As the Arisen adventures through the vast open world, they will recruit human Pawns and other AI companions to fight alongside them. The improved Pawn system allows these companions to learn quest knowledge and share information to guide the player.

Fluid, Strategic Real-Time Combat

Screenshot 1 from Dark Souls 2 featuring Dragon's Dogma II.
Image credit: Dragon’s Dogma II

Combat remains a major highlight of Dragon’s Dogma. Encounters unfold in real-time, with the Arisen able to swap between melee weapons, long-range attacks and magic skills instantly. Players must study enemy weaknesses and position their party strategically to triumph.

As the Arisen levels up strength, magic and other stats, they’ll gain access to advanced Vocations. These Vocations offer different playstyles and abilities to master, from close-quarters Fighters to magic-slinging Sorcerers and the mid-range Magick Archers teased in the recent trailer.

Dragon’s Dogma II Release Date

With its rewarding combat, Pawn system and vast open world ripe for adventure, Dragon’s Dogma II shapes up as an exciting action RPG and a fitting sequel to the original cult classic. We’ll see if it lives up to expectations when Dragon’s Dogma II launches March 22, 2024 on major gaming platforms worldwide. For more information, visit the official Dragon’s Dogma II website, X or Youtube.

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