Fatshark Opens Alpha Test of PvP+E Versus Mode to All Steam Owners

In celebration of Warhammer: Vermintide 2’s sixth anniversary, developer Fatshark has announced that all owners of the game on Steam can now participate in the alpha test of the highly anticipated Versus mode for free.

This new game mode introduces an asymmetric 4v4 PvP+E experience to the Vermintide universe.

Experience the Warhammer Fantasy Universe from a New Perspective

A menacing creature wielding a sword leads a group in a swampy, desolate location, preparing for the Vermintide 2 PvP+E Versus Mode Alpha Test.
Image credit: Vermintide 2

Vermintide 2: Versus allows players to step into the shoes of the legendary heroes from the Ubersreik Five or take on the role of the devious Skaven specials.

In this game mode, the Ubersreik Five will face off against not only AI enemies but also up to four player-controlled Skaven specials, creating a unique and challenging gameplay dynamic.

The alpha test will showcase a brand new map designed specifically for the Versus mode.

Players will also have access to premium careers, kick and mute options, a match score screen, and Versus-specific menu settings. This test provides an excellent opportunity for the community to provide valuable feedback and help shape the future of the Versus mode.

Anniversary Challenges and Rewards Add to the Festivities

Two warriors engaged in a fierce Vermintide 2 PvP battle, with one unleashing a magical green energy attack.
Image credit: Vermintide 2

In addition to the Versus mode alpha test, players can also participate in Vermintide 2’s annual anniversary challenges during the celebration period.

These challenges include a special map for adventure mode and a new portrait frame for character customization, giving players even more reasons to dive back into the Fatshark’s popular game and join the festivities.

Vermintide 2: Versus Alpha

The Vermintide 2: Versus Alpha runs from March 7 to March 18. If you’re interested, join the alpha test on Steam and help shape the future of this well-loved franchise. For more information, visit the official website.

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