Jump Into the Despair of Into The Necrovale

Descending into the Hopeless Dungeons

Into the Necrovale is an upcoming indie action RPG headed for a Steam release in 2024. The game aims to capture the perilous and brooding atmosphere of titles from developer FromSoftware like Dark Souls and Bloodborne and make difficult dungeon delving the core of its gameplay.

Players take on the role of a condemned criminal who is sent into the cursed Necrovale region to retrieve valuable resources and artifacts that may save or potentially doom the world. The deeper you go into the deadly procedurally generated dungeons filled with threats, the more your hope fades as you inch towards permanent demise.

Managing Waning Hope Through Items and Upgrades

As players battle enemies and gather items, they must carefully balance risk and reward. Useful loot like weapons, rings, and armor can be found but death means losing everything. Earning permanent hope stones from successful delves allows improving the central hub area and character abilities. The longer an expedition though, the lower your hope drops until items begin disappearing entirely when it bottoms out.

A screenshot of two brave adventurers standing in front of the forbidding Dungeon of Despair in Necrovale.

From what I’ve played of the demo, the game is great fun – I see a huge amount of potential here. The game feels inspired by Darkest Dungeon, and I love it for that.

Combining Equipment for Unique Builds

Part of Into the Necrovale’s replayability comes from mixing and matching various types of swords, axes, bows, wands, and more alongside rings, armor, and artifacts. Early gameplay shows discovering powerful combos like a ring that ignites all enemies struck by your attacks. Trying new builds gives reason to regularly descend back into the necrovale but you’ll need to maintain hope to come back out.

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