Animal Companions and New Languages Arrive in Len’s Island

The world of Len’s Island just got bigger, brighter, and filled with more friends, furry or otherwise. Flow Studio has released a huge update for their popular survival sandbox game Len’s Island that introduces animal companions, collectibles, and multiple language support just in time for the holidays.

Tame Adorable Companions

The major addition in this update is the ability to tame animal companions. Players can buddy up with dogs, cats, wolves, and even tigers, with each creature having special abilities to aid you on your adventures. Companions can help gather resources, carry items, assist in combat against enemies, and also just provide some much-needed company in the vast world of Len’s Island. Make sure to build them special kennels and beds to keep them happy and healthy.

Discover New Treasures

In addition to furry friends, there are now hundreds of furniture, lighting, clothing, and ornament collectibles scattered across the islands. Equip the special adventurer’s hat located in wardrobes to highlight nearby collectibles on the map so you don’t miss any goodies on your exploration treks. Customize your living spaces by displaying your found treasures. Some rare collectibles even provide buffs for your character.

Added Language Options

To make Len’s Island more accessible worldwide, this update also introduces Spanish, Thai, German, Simplified Chinese, and English language options for gameplay text and dialogue. Additional languages are expected to come in future updates as well.

Len's Island animal companion & new languages.

Celebrate with Discounts

To celebrate the major Companions and Languages update, Flow Studio is offering Len’s Island at 40% off for a limited time on Steam. Now is a great opportunity to explore the islands alongside a furry friend and decorate your paradise with rare collectibles at a discounted price.

With vibrant new worlds to explore, cute animals to befriend, rare items to collect, and more linguistic accessibility, the islands of Len have never been more inviting thanks to Flow Studio’s feature-packed holiday update for Len’s Island. Download it now and escape to your own island paradise.

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