Hwei Brings Creative New Mechanics as League’s First 10-Spell Champion

With the release of patch 13.24, Riot Games will introduce Hwei, an innovative new champion bringing exceptional gameplay potential as the first character with access to ten unique spells. Hwei is a troubled painter who confronts criminals and comforts victims in the mystical lands of Ionia. Read on for a full overview of Hwei’s lore, abilities, and the creative direction behind League’s most spell-slinging champion yet.

Hwei, the new 10-spell champion in League of Legends.

Hwei’s lore establishes him as a mysterious painter, gifted with emotional visions and a troubled past. Haunted by the serial killer Jhin who murdered his loved ones, Hwei now wields his brush to channel both beautiful and destructive magic. His kit provides players with immense versatility through his three distinct spellbooks: Disaster, Serenity, and Torment.

A Whole New Meaning to EQ, EQ, EQ, EQ, W.

Hwei the Visionary's abilities, bringing innovative and creative new mechanics as League's first 10-spell champion.

The Disaster spellbook focuses on manipulating the raw destructive forces of nature – this is his primary form of damage dealing, providing high burst. Abilities like Molten Fissure unleash massive waves to damage groups of enemies. Hwei can also call down powerful Severing Bolts to smite isolated foes.

For sustain and protection, Hwei’s Serenity spells include Pool of Reflection, summoning a shielding field around allies, and Stirring Lights providing basic attacks with on-hit mana regeneration. Fleeting Current provides a speed boost to quickly traverse the battlefield.

Finally, the Torment spellbook enables potent crowd control for pick potential. Abilities including Grim Visage, Gaze of the Abyss and Crushing Maw give Hwei solid vision and crowd control through displacement, slows, fear and truesight.

Taking the Best from Other Champions

A Creative New Mechanics-based champion holding a paintbrush on a blue background.

Adding further nuance, Hwei’s passive, Signature of the Visionary, marks enemy champions with Inspiration when damaged by his abilities, then detonates after several seconds for explosive bonus damage. This allows Hwei to creatively combo his diverse spellbooks by layering his kit.

For his ultimate, Hwei unleashes Spiraling Despair, afflicting an opposing champion with a stacking damage-over-time debuff. This ability deals heavy damage over time and applies a punishing slow, aligning with Hwei’s lore as he exacts vengeance on criminals like Jhin.

Hwei, a 10-Spell Champion, wields a sword with creative new mechanics in this image set in a mystical forest.

Riot designers have noted Hwei as their most experimental champion yet, with an unprecedented ten ability toolkit granting players immense strategic freedom. Early gameplay testing and PBE impressions are very positive, with players praising the meaningful choices available in Hwei’s moment-to-moment spellcasting.

With his layered kit and dynamic spellbook system, Hwei promises to shake up conventional League champion design. This ambitious new addition brings creative potential for ability combos and reactive, versatile playstyles. Patch 13.24 is right around the corner, so get ready to master the brush with Hwei, League’s most spell-slinging champion yet!

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