PvPvE Extraction Shooter HAWKED Confirms Console Release in Q1 2024

MY.GAMES, the publisher behind hits like Warface and Skyforge, has confirmed the console release date for their hotly anticipated extraction shooter HAWKED.

First launched into Early Access on PC this past November, HAWKED will officially be coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S|X in the first quarter of 2024.

This news comes alongside MY.GAMES unveiling their content roadmap for HAWKED over the coming year. This includes new features, locations, lore expansions, special events, and more as the mysterious island of HAWKED continues to reveal its secrets.

HAWKED Ranked PvP, Crafting, and New World Map

A roadmap showcasing the varied characters in the PvPvE Extraction Shooter game HAWKED, set for a Console Release in Q1 2024.

Key additions outlined for 2024 include the arrival of Face VEKTR alongside powerful new weapons with HAWKED’s Day One update on February 9th. This update will also introduce ranked competitive PvP seasons and leaderboards for the first time.

The X-Isle expansion goes live later in 2024, taking players into the perilous Fringe areas filled with new quest lines, zones, enemies, and especially rare loot. Crafting also enters the fold, letting squads make specialized weapons and gear.

HAWKED trailer

As Book One’s finale, a special event will unveil more of HAWKED’s lore and feature a completely new world map. New high-tech Fringe weapons and time-limited content will coincide with this event as well.

What is HAWKED?

PvPvE Extraction Shooter game HAWKED on console release featuring a group of characters.

For those still unfamiliar, HAWKED delivers tactical squad-based action combined with PvPvE extraction shooter mechanics. Players join up to explore the unknown island, overcoming environmental hazards, cunning enemy squads, challenging monster nests guarding valuable treasures, and complex ancient ruins filled with puzzles.

Matches climax in a race against time to the extraction point, carrying your gathered loot while battling against deadly threats. HAWKED offers heart-pounding action fused with mystery as squads peel back layers of lore across a striking sci-fi landscape.

With good Early Access reviews and feedback – with players suggesting that the game is fun but will be better with some improvements – the announcement that console gamers can join the hunt in early 2024 is great news.

HAWKED Console Release Date

The release date for HAWKED on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S|X is the first quarter of 2024. Visit Steam or the website for more details as the next evolution of this PvPvE shooter experience takes shape.

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