The Awakened King Rises in REMNANT 2’s First Major DLC Expansion

REMNANT 2, the hit co-op survival shooter from Gunfire Games, is getting its first major expansion on November 14th with The Awakened King DLC. This meaty new content drop will introduce experienced players to an entirely new realm filled with deadly enemies, exotic loot, and harrowing boss battles.

Watch the REMNANT II: The Awakened King Announce Trailer here:

Remnant II DLC: The Awakened King

Descend Into the World of Losomn

An image of a woman walking down a dark street during the Major Expansion of REMNANT II, under the watchful eye of the Awakened King.

The Awakened King whisks players away to the realm of Losomn, a completely new area not seen in the base game. Losomn offers dungeons and environments unlike anything encountered previously in Remnant 2, thanks to the twisted imagination of the development team at Gunfire. Gamers can expect challenges tailored specifically to high-level characters and late-game equipment.

Take Up the Mantle of the Ritualist

In addition to the new setting, the DLC also introduces the Ritualist – a brand new Archetype class. Ritualists are masters of the arcane, capable of manipulating Eldritch energy to debilitate foes and empower allies. The class offers an entirely fresh playstyle emphasizing preparation and strategy over reckless aggression. Veteran players bored with existing Archetypes will find the Ritualist a welcome change of pace.

Face Off Against Losomn’s Fiercest Foes

A screenshot of the Awakened King character in the REMNANT II video game expansion.

What’s an epic fantasy realm without epic boss battles? The Awakened King brings monstrous new bosses like the hulking Crypt Guardian and horrific Puppeteer to test the mettle of even the most seasoned survivors. Those who manage to topple these horrors will be rewarded with powerful new weapons and gear to aid in future conquests.

Experience the Story of the Awakened King

The DLC’s main draw is an entirely new storyline centered around the mythic Awakened King. Delve into Losomn’s history through branching narrative threads, colorful side characters, and dozens of lore journals tucked away in secret places. REMNANT II’s ambitious storytelling matures in this expansion, closely marrying narrative to gameplay for a satisfying adventure.

Prepare for the Journey Ahead

REMNANT II: The Awakened King DLC launches November 14 on all platforms for $10.50. A DLC bundle containing the upcoming second and third expansions can be purchased now for $26.00, providing a discount for planning ahead. As always, REMNANT II Ultimate Edition owners receive the DLC for free. Check out the Remnant II website for more information.

There’s no better time for players to renew the hunt for rare loot and exterminate the demonic Root.

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