REMNANT II’s The Awakened King DLC Released Today

Gunfire Games has released The Awakened King, the highly anticipated first premium downloadable content (DLC) for their popular co-op survival shooter REMNANT II. Available now on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S, this meaty expansion introduces an entirely new storyline, dungeons, area, archetype, items, bosses, characters, and creatures for players to discover.

Seek Vengeance with the Ritualist Archetype

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At the heart of The Awakened King DLC is the new Ritualist archetype. Hailing from the distant land of Losomn, Ritualists utilize powerful blood magic and status effects to punish their foes. Their ability to inflict various debilitating conditions makes them invaluable assets in co-op play. Players who purchase the DLC can immediately create a Ritualist character or unlock the archetype in the base game after completing the new storyline.

Explore the Ruined Kingdom of Losomn

The setting of The Awakened King is the fallen kingdom of Losomn, once prosperous under the rule of the One True King. After being betrayed and cursed into an eternal slumber, the King has suddenly awakened and seeks vengeance against his usurpers. This war-torn realm filled with undead enemies and dark magics provides a fresh backdrop for DLC adventures. Along the way, players will uncover Lorestones that reveal more of Losomn’s tragic downfall.

Battle Haunting New Bosses

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No DLC would be complete without harrowing boss encounters. The Awakened King offers a slew of petrifying new bosses for players to test their skills against. Face off against Destra the Soulless Queen, a powerful necromancer who wields devastating magic. Or challenge the Cursed Champion, a knight whose armor has fused to his body after centuries of corruption. Players will need to utilize sound strategy and teamwork to triumph over these threats.

Exclusive Loot and Gear

What good is conquering new enemies without brand new loot to show for it? The Awakened King comes packed with dozens of exclusive items like weapons, amulets, rings, armor sets, and more. Build your perfect loadout with these mystical armaments influenced by Losomn’s bloody history. Legendary weapons like the Greatsword of the False King and the Ancient Scepter offer unique effects to transform your playstyle.

Expanding the REMNANT II Universe

While the DLC storyline is self-contained, Gunfire Games has big plans to grow the REMNANT II universe even further. They’ve partnered with G FUEL to release a REMNANT II x G FUEL Collector’s Box featuring two exclusive shaker cups. Fans can also look forward to a high-quality World Stone replica from Dark Horse Comics straight from the game. With more DLC content and partnerships in the works, the future looks bright for this co-op shooter franchise.

The Awakened King DLC is available now on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S for $19.99 US or around $28 AUD. REMNANT II players can experience this thrilling new adventure alone or with friends. Will you take up arms and battle the newly awakened threats of Losomn? Find out more about REMNANT II, at or get updates at XFacebook, and Instagram, and keep up to date with our Remnant II game page.

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