Throw Your Sword and Teleport into Action in Eden’s Guardian

Eden’s Guardian, an upcoming indie metroidvania game, is garnering attention for its unique teleportation mechanic and challenging gameplay. As the game participates in the Steam Next Fest and prepares a Kickstarter campaign, now is the perfect time to learn more about this promising title.

I’m personally a huge metroidvania fan, especially indie games in the genre. Hollow Knight is one of my favourite games of all time, and this demo has me super excited for the full release. The movement feels outstanding, the combat is smooth and feels fluid and the art-style is an incredible take on modern pixel art.

Eden’s Guardian Demo Showcases First Boss Fight

Eden’s Guardian is currently participating in the Steam Next Fest until February 13th. The studio has prepared a special demo for the event, featuring a highly anticipated boss fight not shown before.

Players can test their skills against this menacing foe and get a taste of the tense, demanding combat Eden’s Guardian promises to deliver. With its tight controls, varied abilities, and clever teleportation mechanic, this demo will force players to learn and invest themselves in the core mechanics in order to complete it.

Kickstarter Campaign Seeks to Enhance Player Experience

Buoyed by positive reactions to the Steam demo, Voragine Game Studio has announced an upcoming Kickstarter campaign for Eden’s Guardian, launching in March 2023. The funds raised will allow the studio to further polish gameplay, expand the world, craft more pixel art assets, and overall take the game to the next level.

Players can sign up now on the game’s official website to receive an alert when the Kickstarter goes live. Supporting the campaign will give fans a chance to directly impact the development of Eden’s Guardian.

Unique Teleportation Mechanic Anchors Eden’s Guardian

At Eden’s Guardian’s core lies a unique teleportation ability allowing players to throw their sword at will and warp to its location instantly. This opens up possibilities for both traversal and combat, letting hardy adventurers reach new heights and ambush foes when they least expect it.

A screenshot of the video game

Mastering this mechanic while exploring a vast, interconnected pixel art world filled with secrets promises quite the formidable yet rewarding challenge for metroidvania fans. Uncovering lore and defeating colossal bosses also await those brave enough to lift the mysterious curse upon this fantasy land.

Voragine Studio Showcases Potential With Debut Title

While still working on their first game, Voragine Studio has already demonstrated great talent and vision worthy of attention in the indie game scene. Eden’s Guardian stands out through its eye-catching medieval fantasy pixel art, satisfying teleportation-based gameplay, and meticulously crafted metroidvania level design.

If the promise shown so far is any indication, this Madrid-based developer may very well establish themselves as a studio to watch out for when Eden’s Guardian releases. The upcoming Steam Next Fest demo and Kickstarter offer ideal opportunities to experience Voragine’s potential firsthand.

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