The Best Upcoming Strategy Games in 2024

Gamers have a lot to look forward to in 2024, especially fans of strategy games.

This upcoming year will see the release of several new real-time strategy (RTS), city builder and 4X games (Explore, Expand, Exploit, Exterminate) that will immerse players in different historical eras and test their strategic skills. In this list, we’ve showcased some of the best upcoming strategy games to please everyone.

Homeworld 3

Upcoming Strategy Game featuring a group of people standing in front of a spaceship.
Homeworld 3

Homeworld 3 is an upcoming sci-fi real-time strategy game from developer Blackbird Interactive and publisher Gearbox Publishing. Set to launch in February 2024, this highly anticipated title will transport players into large-scale fleet battles with tactical freedom.

As a true 3D RTS, Homeworld 3 breaks from the conventions of typical strategy games. Players command their armada across vivid galaxies, maneuvering ships into optimal positions. With full control over positioning, no two encounters play out the same. Debris fields and space anomalies present additional strategic considerations during combat.

Immerse Yourself in the Next Chapter

Homeworld 3 continues the epic story started in Relic Entertainment’s original games. Reprising her role as Fleet Command, Karan S’jet guides players on a journey across the stars. Along the way, the mysteries surrounding the characters and lore will unfold through Homeworld’s signature immersive storytelling.

Enjoy Innovative Gameplay Modes

Innovative gameplay modes add replayability. The co-op War Games mode combines RTS gameplay with roguelike elements for a fresh take on the genre. Players can also flex their creativity through the ability to design custom fleets and missions, sharing content through Steam Workshop integration.

Originally slated for 2022, Gearbox delayed the game to ensure it lives up to expectations. Homeworld 3 will launch on PC, with other platforms yet to be announced. The title promises to push RTS boundaries with large-scale battles, strategic freedom, and an awe-inspiring sci-fi setting. Space strategy fans should mark February 2024 on their calendars.

Laysara: Summit Kingdom

An upcoming image of a mountain with people on top of it, perfect for strategy games.
Laysara: Summit Kingdom

Transport yourself to majestic peaks with Laysara: Summit Kingdom, a strategy city builder currently in Early Access. Guide your settlement to prosperity in the harsh mountain environments. Polish your planning skills across production chains and societal castes when the full PC version launches in late 2023.

Satisfy a Three-Caste Society

Unlike other city builders, Laysara features a three-tiered social structure. Carefully balance the needs and jobs of the lower Minya caste, merchant Yasa caste, and noble Kshanya caste. Neglecting any group can lead to unrest and rebellion. Use specialized buildings to keep each caste happy and efficient.

Brave Mountain Perils

Laysara’s mountain setting brings unique challenges. Prepare for brutal snowstorms, crop-destroying locusts, and devastating avalanches. Fortify your buildings and stockpile resources to withstand the dangers. Build shelters and early warning systems to protect citizens when disaster strikes.

Shape the Full Release with Early Access

Developer Coldwild Games values player feedback during Early Access to ensure the full 2023 launch meets expectations. Try out the available sandbox mode and share your thoughts. New features coming in version 1.0 include a campaign mode, more maps, and additional late-game content.

Wishlist on Steam now.

Broken Arrow

An upcoming screenshot from a strategy game set in a futuristic city in 2024.
Broken Arrow

Take charge of contemporary combined forces in Broken Arrow, Slitherine’s new large-scale real-time tactics game. Deploy an arsenal of land, air, and sea units when it launches on PC later this year.

Massive Urban Battlefields

Maneuver infantry, armor, aircraft, and elite special forces across expansive cityscapes modeled after real global locations. Issue orders from a tactical overhead view as the action unfolds.

Move paratrooper squads behind enemy lines while artillery pounds forward positions to break through contested streets.

Deep Unit Customization and Variety

Over 300 modern military units join the fight, from attack helicopters to main battle tanks. But unit options go far beyond basic types. Fully customize weapon payloads, upgrades, crew skills, and more. With modular modifications, the number of tactical combinations is nearly limitless. Experiment to find your optimal mix of air power, ground vehicles, infantry, and naval assets.

Two Factions With Unique Units

Wage war from either American or Russian perspectives, each with their own distinct sub-factions, technologies, and abilities. Call in a Russian thermobaric strike or ambush enemy columns with American Stryker brigades. Allowing combined arms warfare on a truly grand scale, Broken Arrow presents a buffet of strategic possibilities.

Whether attacking or defending, seize the advantage in every skirmish with thoughtful tactics and customized forces. Broken Arrow brings modern combat to life in a deep single player experience.


An upcoming screenshot of a Civil War strategy game.

As Rome falls, a power vacuum awaits. Step up to fill it in Yield!, a compact 4X strategy game focusing on meaningful choices and empire building. Currently in closed beta, Yield! lets you create your kingdom when it launches on PC.

Choose Your Path After Rome

With Rome’s legions withdrawn, eight factions vie for control in England. Select your king and guide one of the Anglo-Saxon, Gaelic, Welsh, or Norse cultures to dominance through warfare, economy, and intrigue. Each faction wields unique traits and abilities that influence their optimal paths to victory.

Strategy and Consequences

True to its 4X nature, Yield! delivers depth across eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate gameplay pillars. But every decision must be considered carefully. With compact gameplay, each choice bears significant weight. Think strategically to maneuver rivals off balance while building your base of power.

Accessible yet Deep Gameplay

Easy to learn but challenging to master, Yield! focuses its streamlined design on meaningful strategy. Balancing economic development, technological progress, diplomacy, and military growth is key. Approach expansion with care to avoid overextending your kingdom. Seek out advantageous terrain for engagements in the turn-based battle system.

For armchair monarchs eager to step out of Rome’s shadow, keep an eye out for Yield!’s upcoming full launch. In the meantime, request access to the closed beta on Discord to guide your chosen people to greatness.

Wishlist Yield! on Steam now.

Tempest Rising

A sneak peek of an upcoming strategy game featuring a thrilling battle unfolding in a stunning snowy terrain.
Tempest Rising

Get ready to lead your faction to victory in the post-apocalyptic battlefield of Tempest Rising, a new RTS coming soon to PC. Developed by Slipgate Ironworks and 2B Games and published by 3D Realms, Tempest Rising challenges you to master base building and strategic combat.

Three Unique Factions

After nuclear war devastates the planet, three factions emerge in a struggle for dominance. The Libertad resistance fights for freedom from the corrupt Prometheus Corporation, while the Hellwalkers operate on the fringes as cybernetic scavengers. Each faction wields distinct units, abilities, and playstyles.

Customizable Armies and Strategic Gameplay

Conquer the two 11-mission single-player campaigns by tailoring your forces for each mission. Combined arms is key, with infantry, vehicles, aircraft, and hero units at your disposal. Quick, fluid combat keeps the action intense while rewarding strategic thinking.

Multiplayer and Replayability

Hone your skills against others online or refine your strategies in custom games. With distinct factions and customizable armies, no two skirmishes play the same. Add Tempest Rising to your Steam wishlist and prepare to lead your followers to victory after the nuclear storm.

Civilization 7

A sneak peek of an upcoming computer game, which showcases a highly detailed map for strategic gamers, set to release in 2024.

No list of strategy games would be complete without a Civilization title, and although the upcoming Civilization 7 has very few details, it’ll be one to watch for in 2024.

Developer Firaxis may look to shake up the formula with the upcoming Civilization 7. While the core strategic gameplay will likely stay intact, changes could come through new modes, expanded rosters, and dedicated onboarding.

Introducing New Gameplay Modes

The Civilization series has followed a similar 4X structure since the original game in 1991. For Civilization 7, Firaxis may add completely new gameplay modes to complement the traditional experience. Potential options include co-op, asynchronous multiplayer, and scenario modes focusing on key historical events.

More Leaders, Units, Buildings, and Wonders

Expanding the available leaders, units, wonders, and improvements could bring more variety to each playthrough. Previous Civilization games have added around 10 new leaders with each release, so expect Civ 7 to follow suit. New terrain types, tile improvements, and more could also factor in.

Onboarding Tools for New Players

To attract newcomers, Civilization 7 is likely to include tutorials explaining the series’ complex systems. An in-depth campaign mode could also teach the ropes while revealing lore behind each faction. Lower difficulties tailored to new players may help ease the learning curve as well.

While the core appeal of Civilization remains, the right innovations could help Civilization 7 stand out as a fresh take when it eventually releases. Firaxis will need to balance tradition and innovation to keep this legendary series marching onward.

ARA History Untold

An upcoming strategy game screenshot featuring a futuristic city in 2024.
ARA History Untold

Lead your people to greatness across the ages in the upcoming PC strategy game Ara: History Untold. Developed by Oxide Games, Ara challenges you to build an empire to stand the test of time.

Pick Your Leader

Play as famous rulers like Cleopatra and Genghis Khan, each boasting unique traits and abilities. Or create your own custom leader to carry your legacy through the ages. Guide your citizens from humble nomadic tribes to sprawling imperial civilizations.

Dynamic Living World

Explore a reactive world brimming with diverse cultures and landscapes. Discover new lands and resources to fuel your nation’s growth. Adapt to new eras that bring changes to technologies, politics, and society. Build improvements like farms, mines, and wonders to increase your influence.

Compete Across History

Use trade, warfare, and diplomacy to gain advantages over rivals. Sway the tides of history through inspiring culture, philosophical breakthroughs, and technological innovation. With simultaneous turns, the fortunes of nations can shift in an instant.

Wishlist on Steam

Guide your people from humble origins to enduring greatness in Ara: History Untold. Wishlist now on Steam to be alerted the moment this historical strategy epic launches.

Dark Moon

A screenshot of an upcoming video game strategy with a robot in the background.
Dark Moon

A new moon survival strategy game is on the horizon. Developed by Jujubee S.A. and published by 101XP, Dark Moon challenges you to avoid deadly sunlight and manage resources in an unpredictable lunar environment.

Seek Shelter on the Moon’s Dark Side

With the Earth made uninhabitable by solar flares, humanity has taken refuge on the moon’s darkened surface. Guide a crew aboard the massive Mechaplex vehicle in search of minerals and shelter. Use drones to scan terrain and obstacles as you trudge across the hazardous lunar plains.

Make Difficult Choices

Dark Moon offers a different experience each time you play. With crew morale essential, you’ll face tough decisions with story-altering consequences. Maintain your crew’s hope as you gather resources, conduct research, and upgrade your mobile base.

System Requirements for Dark Moon

Dark Moon requires a 64-bit OS like Windows 10 or 11, an Intel i5 processor or equivalent, 8GB of RAM, and a DirectX 11 capable GPU.

With survival on the line, you’ll need skill and strategy to lead your crew through the moon’s dark side. Wishlist Dark Moon on Steam and watch for updates on its release date.


A screenshot of a computer game displaying an upcoming strategy game map for the year 2024.

Lead your people through 10,000 years of history in Millennia, an upcoming historical 4X strategy game from legendary PC publisher Paradox Interactive. Spanning ages of innovation and upheaval, Millennia offers deep strategic gameplay where your choices shape a civilization.

Adopt Unique Nation Spirits

Every nation starts by adopting distinctive Nation Spirits reflecting their culture and legacy. These spirits confer specialized bonuses and playstyle preferences you can leverage as your empire expands across generations.

Manage Resources and Specialize Regions

Guide your nation through ages of discovery by optimizing your resources. Specialize regions for maximum economic output and marshal trade routes to fuel growth. Advance through technology ages to gain strategic advantages and open up new possibilities.

Achieve Victory on Your Terms

Once you enter the Victory Age, it’s time to set the conditions for how your civilization will achieve enduring greatness. Focus on your strengths, whether military domination, cultural influence, scientific supremacy, or other paths to write your history.


A preview screenshot of the upcoming strategy game 'Storgate' set to release in 2024.

Real-time strategy fans, get hyped for Stormgate, an upcoming sci-fi RTS from veteran developer Frost Giant Studios. Featuring a thrilling single-player campaign, co-op missions, and intense PvP, Stormgate aims to evolve the RTS genre.

Diverse Game Modes

Stormgate offers something for all playstyles. The story-driven campaign mode lets you explore the rich science fantasy universe. Team up with friends for cooperative play against AI enemies. Flex your skills in the competitive 1v1 ladder complete with advanced matchmaking and rankings.

Powerful Custom Game Editor

Stormgate empowers players to create their own content. The easy-to-use editor provides the tools to design custom maps, gameplay mutations, and even entirely new game modes. Share your creations on Steam Workshop for others to enjoy.

Free-to-Play with Optional Content

Developer Frost Giant Studios is committed to keeping Stormgate free-to-play while funding continued development through optional cosmetics and other content.

Stormgate is poised to deliver a modern take on classic RTS gameplay. Add Stormgate to your Steam wishlist and get ready to join the fight when it launches.

Falling Frontier

The upcoming spaceship strategy game featuring an epic fleet soaring in the sky.
Falling Frontier

Ready your battlefleets for strategic space combat in Falling Frontier, an upcoming sci-fi RTS from Stutter Fox Studios and publisher Hooded Horse. Launching on PC in 2023, Falling Frontier emphasizes reconnaissance and logistics across procedurally generated starsystems.

Procedural Galaxies and Guerilla Warfare

Each new campaign seeds a unique galaxy for you to conquer. Scout unseen systems, construct spy networks, and raid supply lines to gain advantages. Use guerilla tactics to harass and disrupt enemy operations. Winning wars in Falling Frontier goes beyond raw firepower.

Design Your Own Spaceships

A robust ship editor allows you to customize deadly warships down to individual modules and subsystems. Configure nimble corvettes for lightning strikes or bulwark your fleet with durable battlecruisers. Manage power distribution across components during battle to maximize damage and survivability.

Command Crews With Unique Abilities

Beyond building spaceships, you must staff them with competent crews. Named officers gain experience and new traits that can turn the tide of battles if utilized correctly. Promote officers through naval ranks as you expand your interstellar dominion.

Add Falling Frontier to your Steam wishlist to receive updates on its exact release date in 2023.

City of Atlantis

A screenshot of an upcoming strategy game set in a city.
City of Atlantis

Immerse yourself in the legendary world of Atlantis in City of Atlantis, an upcoming city-building survival game from developers Gambit Games Studio and MeanAstronauts. Guide your mythical metropolis through adversity when it launches on PC.

Manage Resources and Citizens

As leader of Atlantis, you must plan expansions and production chains to maximize efficiency. Defend your domains from threats like tsunamis and invading warriors. Your citizens represent faculties like military, education, and health. Keep them housed, fed, and protected.

Preserve Knowledge for Future Generations

A key mission in City of Atlantis is preserving knowledge. Train and equip heroes to gather information about culture, history, art, and science. Future generations depend on your efforts to maintain Atlantis’ advancements.

Defend Against Calamities

Disasters will test your leadership. Construct seawalls and warning systems to defend against tsunamis. Prepare your defenses against raids by ancient warriors hungry for resources. Manage outbreaks of disease that could spread rapidly without intervention.

Build a legacy fit for myth when City of Atlantis launches on Steam. Add it to your wishlist for updates on its release date.

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