Turbo Overkill Review: Amazing Retro Mayhem

With its high-octane action, vibrant visuals, and over-the-top weapons and abilities, the recently released retro shooter Turbo Overkill lives up to its name in the most enjoyable way. This kinetic combat experience seamlessly fuses elements from classic ’90s shooters like Doom and Duke Nukem with modern gameplay innovations, resulting in a creative, absurd and memorable gaming blast that stands out as a gleefully entertaining retro title that I adore.

Living Up To Its Name

As cybernetically-enhanced bounty hunter Johnny Turbo, players are plunged into a delightfully excessive fight for survival in a sprawling future city teeming with malevolent AIs known as Syn. Armed with a wildly creative arsenal of weapons like laser pistols, pulse shotguns, chainguns, and the gleefully destructive Ion Cannon, Turbo brings the pain as he takes on hordes of enemies across three distinct, creatively designed chapters.

Modernized Retro Action

Turbo Overkill modernizes the classic retro shooter experience with versatile movement abilities like sliding, dashing, double jumping and wall running, lending combat an enjoyably kinetic feel. The ability to upgrade weapons and unlock new character perks also adds a layer of rewarding progression that I really appreciate. Vehicles like bikes and tanks can be driven to ramp up the manic action even further. Even the detailed first-person cutscenes retain an entertainingly old school vibe.

A Turbo Overkill building in a video game.

The game falls into the same genre as modern games likes Ultrakill and Dusk, with PSX-style graphics and fast-paced gameplay reminiscent of Quake, weapon chaining and backtracking included.

Glorious Excess

Get ready for a barrage of spectacular, shocking and hilarious over-the-top moments as Turbo Overkill gleefully lives up to its name. Wreaking havoc with diverse weapons like the gory chainsaw leg, the destructive telefragging sniper rifle, and the ludicrously powerful Rocket Launcher is absurd, chaotic fun. The vibrant, varied settings overflow with color and character, and the pumping soundtrack perfectly complements the relentless action.

Minor Quibbles

A screenshot of the exhilarating video game Turbo Overkill featuring a powerful gun.

While some weapons lack satisfying impact and certain gameplay elements could use some refinement, these are minor quibbles in an otherwise glorious retro experience. The first few difficulty levels sit on the easy side, but with five settings to choose from, more masochistic players can tailor the challenge to their liking.

Triumphant Fun

With its creative arsenal, kinetic combat and absurd action, Turbo Overkill delivers a unique and thoroughly entertaining gaming experience. Minor flaws are easily excused – especially due to the tiny development studio behind this masterpiece, the game provides spectacular, shocking and hilarious fun almost nonstop across its electrically-charged campaign. Fans of classic shooters absolutely shouldn’t miss this delightfully turbocharged blast. Despite the sensory overload, by the end you’ll be hungry for more of its relentless, excessive, and above all else, gloriously fun mayhem.

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