Limbus Company – Kurokumo Ryoshu Analysis and Uses

Updated pre-RR3.

In preparation for Refraction Railway 3’s upcoming launch in Limbus Company, we’ve gone through and developed a few teams and ID analyses that should prove successful in endgame content.

Kurokumo Ryoshu is one of the few launch-IDs that fills a role in high-end teams. She’s utilised now as bleed support and utility, as well as for her extremely high damage once her conditions have been met. Ryoshu also has the advantage of having extremely powerful EGO that are easily funded.

Skill 1 – Focus Strike (Gluttony)

11 Power. 1 Coin.

A screenshot capturing Kurokumo Ryoshu's focus strike.

A VERY good skill 1 with average clashing power, on-hit application of 3 paralysis makes this skill. In content that’s clash reliant, having the opportunity to almost completely neutralise an opponent’s first clash with an ally makes this skill a must have.

Also, 20% bonus damage if the opponent has 2 or more bleed count is incredible, matching the bonus crit damage from poise.

Skill 2 – Clean Up (Pride)

15 Power. 2 Coins.

A screenshot of Kurokumo Ryoshu's skill 2 - Clean Up in Limbus Company.

Another outstanding ability, retaining the bonus 20% damage from Skill 1, as long as the target has 5+ bleed count. Slightly above average clashing power, both bleed potency AND count application as well as an additional 2 damage down on heads hit.

This skill is fantastic, -20% damage down on a target or an abnormality part makes unavoidable damage, or tanked hits, that much easier for our support units.

Skill 3 – Lenticlar Swirl (Lust)

16 Power. 2 Coins.

Lenticular Swirl, Kurokumo Ryoshu's skill 3 in Limbus Company.

This skill trades clashing power for raw damage, bleed application and debuff potential. At 9+ bleed count, enemies will take 40% more damage – doubling base poise crit damage. Both coins apply bleed and bleed count respectively, stacking even further onto the setup potential.

Coin 2 also applies a massive 5 offense level down, effectively giving enemies -1.66 clash power for the rest of the turn. Stacking this with Meursault’s Chains of Others, or another debuffing skill/ego can create scenarios where enemies are losing upwards of 3 clash power on a specific turn.

Passive & Defense Skill – Kokuundō & Guard

Passive Req. 3 Lust Res

A screenshot of Kurokumo Ryoshu's passive.

At 3 lust resonance Ryoshu deals a further 10% bonus damage to targets with bleed. Honestly this is the cherry on top of this ID, outstanding in almost all content – her only downside is slightly below average clashing power, however her easily fueled EGOs can more than make up for this, along with her debuff applications.

Defense Skill – Guard. 16 Power. 1 Coin.

No additional effects.

EGO Choices

Overall there’s some pretty easy choices here, we’re not taking Soda, Blind Obsession or 4th Match Flame. So we’re left with Forest for the Flames, and both Red Eyes EGOs.

Forest for the Flames is realistically one of the best Zayin EGO in the game, inflicting 2 fragile with a 28 clashing power for only the tiny cost of 2 wrath and 2 lust resources.

Red Eyes and Red Eyes (Open) have 24 and 30 clashing power respectively, with an attack weight of 3. Application of debuffs on the next turn (Bind and Slash Fragility) from Red Eyes gives way to outstanding damage from Red Eyes (Open) immediately after, as long as you have the Sanity restoration required – obtained through Faust EGOs.

Ryoshu's Red Eyes EGO in Limbus Company.

Red Eyes (Open) following Red Eyes gives Ryoshu a 40% damage boost, +7 coin power (Totalling to 37 clashing power) and a potential 10% heal to herself and the lowest health ally.

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