Limbus Company – Pequod Heathcliff Teambuilding and Uses

Pequod Heathcliff is a unique ID, a poise-bleed hybrid tank with a propensity for outlandish damage. I’d recommend running him on a bleed team to take advantage of his conditionals – with supporting picks like N Faust and Kurokumo Ryoshu. I’m picking Pequod Harpooner Heathcliff for this position primarily due to his versatility. High clashes, a great passive and his overall tanking capabilities cements this ID as one of the best.

While there is stiff competition with regards to Rabbit Heathcliff, I think for the overall purpose of a bleed team – Pequod does better while also allowing a poise-oriented switch in the event there are any encounters that hard counter bleed.

Skill 1 – Stalk Prey (Pride)

11 Power. 2 Coins.

A screenshot of the skill prey.

An average rolling skill 1 with some great benefits for Heathcliff here. On use it applies 4 poise count along with 5 aggro, with an on hit application of 2 bleed potency. It’s all you can ask for from a skill 1 insofar as it establishes everything that’s good about Pequod Heathcliff’s kit.

Skill 2 – Snagharpoon (Envy)

16 Power. 3 Coins.

A screenshot of the songrapon skill.

The skill that adds versatility, similarly to Pirate Gregor, Snagharpoon alone provides enough poise potency to Heathcliff to deal consistent crits. 1 poise potency for every 3 bleed potency on the target, capping out at 10 poise gained. Along with giving 5 aggro to the slot, on crit skill 2 inflicts 1 bleed count for every 3 potency on the target, allowing for even further sustain on bleed teams.

Skill 3 – Sever Knot (Envy)

16 Power. 4 Coins.

A screenshot of a screen showing the items in the game.

A unique skill for sure, it takes the Envy Res boosts from the Middle IDs and combines it with the low health conditionals from the Shi IDs. Most of the time, this is essentially just a worse version of Snagharpoon for our purposes. If you play around Heath’s passive and can comfortably sit him at -50% HP it’s a 6 bleed potency application. Otherwise you’re only seeing 2 potency as well as the boosted 50% crit damage.

Passive & Defense Skill – Mutilated Tattoos & Payback

Passive Req. 5 Envy Owned

A screenshot of a character's tattoos.

Pequod Heathcliff gains 1 offense and defense level up every time an ally is attacked. Combining this with multiple tanks and solid defense skills gives Heath a maximum +3 final power on every skill.

Arguably the best part of this passive is the second part, which states that Heathcliff does 1% bonus damage for every 1% of missing health he has – when combined with the boosted bleed potency incentive from Sever Knot, it’s pretty easy to see how broken this can be. This passive turns Pequod Heathcliff from a tank to a weird hybrid masochist ID that puts up impressive numbers.

Defense Skill – Payback. 13 Power. 2 Coins.

A wrath-affinity 2 coin counter skill rolling 13. It perpetuates both his status as a tank as well as his passive, granting him bonus damage when hit and aggro. The low roll of 13 is deceptive as well, because Heathcliff gains 1 defense level per poise potency, capping out at a +3 final power boost.

EGO Choices – Pequod Heathcliff

Va sunyata tad hupam.

Heathcliff has some great EGO, in the Zayin slot I prefer Bodysack for it’s consistency over Holiday – it rolls well and provides 10% bonus damage next turn. AEDD sits proudly in the Teth slot for it’s application of 3 paralysis and attack weight of 3. My Form Empties for his HE EGO primarily for the 25 SP heal for 4 allies along with the 20% damage reduction inflicted next turn.

Telepole is okay, it doesn’t work with Rabbit Heathcliff and it doesn’t work with Pequod. It’s fundamentally okay but suffers in practice.

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