Limbus Company – The One Who Grips Faust (N Faust) Uses and Breakdown

I’ll start off by saying that I love Faust’s IDs – I think that she has some of the best archetype-defining IDs in the game with Regret and Seven along with my personal favourite, LC Remnant. Regardless, N Faust “The One Who Grips” is as great as ever, providing bleed potency and count support – as well as the 20% bonus pierce and blunt damage from Gaze.

Faust is almost entirely mandatory on most teams because of her EGOs, most teams rely on her usage of Representation Emitter and Fluid Sac for SP and HP healing, and N Faust simply works the best with a bleed team.

Nails and Gaze in Limbus Company-

I’ll quickly explain Nails and Gaze here because I know they’re rare/unique debuffs. Enemies with Nails take 1 of both bleed potency and count for every 1 Nails Count at the start of the turn, with Nails Count halving at the end of every turn. It’s a nice boost and can help keep bleed count high while going through long clashes.

Gaze is a debuff applied by N Faust’s skill 2, it’s a simple 20% bonus damage taken from ONLY pierce and blunt damage. It essentially functions as 2 Fragile stacks.

Skill 1 – Cackle (Envy)

10 Power. 2 Coins.

N Faust Clash target loses 3 sp.

It’s alright, below average clashing power but with some nice bleed and nails application if it can land. You won’t really be winning clashes with this move unless the opponent has paralysis, but on clash win the target loses 3 SP, decent for encounters with SP.

Skill 2 – The Gripping (Lust)

16 Power. 3 Coins.

A screenshot of the Grips Faust game menu, showcasing the sleek and user-friendly design created by Limbus Company.

This is THE skill for N Faust, it’s got everything – great clashing power, solid bleed support through nails, paralysis and of course Gaze. 1/3 of N Faust’s kit essentially cripples an opponnent for a turn, applying some of the best debuffs possible.

It doesn’t even need to win a clash either, these are ON HIT effects (The paralysis is on heads hit). A wild skill that’s kept N Faust in the conversation even as we get new IDs.

Skill 3 – Execution (Pride)

12 Power. 3 Coins.

A screenshot displaying a list of items from Grips Faust in the Limbus Company.

It’s an underwhelming skill 3, a lot of it’s bonus utility stems from the on kill effect that just doesn’t mean much in RR content. On kill, all allies heal for 10 SP and are given 10% bonus pierce and blunt damage for the rest of the turn. The coins themselves are conceptually pretty good, applying up to 4 nails a turn.

Coin 3 dealing 70% bonus damage against targets with 5 nails sounds great given the already high application from this skill, but 70% bonus damage on a skill that rolls a 12 really isn’t good at all. It makes the damage respectable but nothing to freak out over, a mediocre condition for a mediocre payoff.

Passive & Defense Skill – Whistles & Such Filth

Passive Req. 4 Lust Res

A screenshot of a screen with the word 'passions' created by Limbus Company.

Heals 2 allies with the lowest SP for 15 SP. Theoretically a bleed team can pull this off, but it requires both Ryoshu and Meursault having their skill 3s in the chain (as long as everyone has only 1 skill slot, if Hong Lu or Faust has a second skill slot the chances of this proccing are decently higher).

It’s a good passive for sure, helping out in SP draining fights that we’ve seen in the past such as Drifting Fox and Blubbering Toad.

Defense Skill – Such Filth. 14 Power. 1 Coin.

A Lust affinity evade, rolling a 14 with one coin. On successful evades the target loses 3 SP, which is better than nothing. Evades are good, evades are usually better than guards.

EGO Choices – N Faust

Regardless of if Faust had good IDs or not, people would still run her simply for the sheer utility that her EGO brings to the table. It’s a toss up between Faust, Ryoshu and Yi Sang for having the best EGO choices in the game, but only Faust gives the potential for teams to spam their EGO.

Representation Emitter, Hex Nail and Fluid Sac. It’s an easy pick for all 3, especially for endurance content. Without a good Faust burn support ID, 9:2 is out of the question entirely. Representation Emitter is a super cheap full team 12 SP restore with decent clashing and 3 attack weight.

Hex Nail provides everything you could ever want from a debuffing EGO – Pierce and Envy Fragility, Nails for bleed support and Curse, a unique debuff that gives 3 stacks of either a 10% damage reduction, 10% defense reduction, 1 offense level down or 1 defense level down next turn.

Fluid sac after N Faust attack.

Fluid Sac is one of the best EGOs in the game, healing a potential 25 SP for all allies (including herself, not only negating the SP cost of the EGO but actually giving her a +5) as well as a 15% HP heal to all allies. Liquid Veil, Fluid Sac’s passive, is also really good, giving 2 stacks of protection (20% damage reduction) to the ally with the lowest health at the start of every turn.

Most teams are designed with funding Faust’s EGO in mind, ensuring with a few fights of setup that Faust will be able to use at least Fluid Sac and Representation Emitter as often as required.

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