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With the announcement of Refraction Railway 3 in Limbus, we wanted to create some variations of teams. All specialised for different archetypes and use cases. Bleed is a special case, along with burn. Given that in the RR3 reveal we saw the bosses for White Gossypium (Bleed) and Ardor Blossom (Burn).

Member 1: Kurokumo Ryoshu.

A full guide to Kurokumo Ryoshu from Limbus Company, including team composition and EGO choices.

Kurokumo Ryoshu has some stiff competition for this slot, Chef Ryoshu might seem like the obvious choice given her sustainability from bleed – however, she is almost entirely self-sufficient and therefore is easier to use in other teams. Because this team is based around bleed potency and count application, primarily for bonus damage on Tingtang Hong Lu and Pirate Gregor.

Kurokumo Ryoshu’s full analysis is here.

Member 2: Tingtang Gangleader Hong Lu.

Tingtang Hong Lu in Limbus Company

Tingtang Hong Lu is a great ID, providing extremely high damage potentials and coin rolls. His bonus damage on bleeding enemies as well as coin re-uses allows him to put up some outstanding numbers as a pierce sweeper. His skill 3 also serves a purpose in multiple fights as a psuedo-aoe skill, saving EGO resources while cleaning up large groups.

Hook Hong Lu also would fit this team quite nicely if you find your bleed capabilities lacking. Stacking haste and speed gives him higher coin rolls and bonus damage.

Tingtang Hong Lu’s full breakdown is here.

Member 3 – Twinhook Pirate Gregor.

Pirate Gregor - Limbus Company

Twinhook Pirate Gregor is another high-damage sweeper and his status as a self-sustaining poise ID guarentees his bonus crit damage. When paired with a bleed team, Pirate Gregor recieves up to 20 poise potency every turn – stacking to a 100% crit chance. His high coin rolls and solid defense skill also serves nicely when dealing with the tough clashes usually faced in Refraction Railway.

For more about Pirate Gregor, and some other possible uses for the ID – see here.

Member 4 – The One Who Grips Faust.

A woman holding a sword in front of a fire, embodying the strength of One Who Grips Faust.

N Faust holds a spot in this team for 2 reasons. Faust has one of the most important and almost mandatory EGOs in the game through Fluid Sac, and this team is built around supporting spamming it. Secondly, N Faust’s second ability “The Gripping” provides an outstanding debuff through Gaze, not to mention the paralysis. Gaze grants the equivalent of 2 Fragile stacks to a target on the next turn, stacking with Fragile stacks – giving a potential 120% bonus damage taken from an enemy.

For the full N Faust breakdown and analysis – see here.

Member 5 – R Corp. 4th Pack Rhino Meursault.

Rhino Meursault Limbus Company

Arguably the best tank in the game, Rhino Meursault holds this spot almost purely for his bleed count application. He has some decently high-rolling skills, along with a fully self-sustained charge mechanic. Meursault also has the most tactical EGO in the game through Chains of Others, almost neutering certain attack phases of bosses in endgame content.

There’s very little standing between Rhino Meursault and his maximum output, his passive and skill passives grant him more than enough charge to sustain his high speed and aggro, giving him optimal bleed count uptime.

For more about Rhino Meursault, here’s our full breakdown.

Member 6 – Pequod Harpooner Heathcliff

Pequod Harpooner Heathcliff

I’m assuming that we’ll be able to pick up to 7 team members for RR3 when it launches, and “meta” bleed starts to fall off around this point. Harpooner Heathcliff is a pretty solid choice for a bleed team, alongside his insanely potent passive – his bleed application is quite nice. While serving as a secondary tank, his damage is nothing to scoff at – hitting triple digit numbers pretty consistently.

Our full breakdown and analysis of Harpooner Heathcliff is here.

Member 7 – Flex Pick, Options include Dieci Rodya, Molar Outis, Spicebush Yi Sang etc.

Kurokumo Ryoshu Limbus Company

Member 7 (if we have the chance) is in a strange spot, there’s very little bleed support outside of the IDs listed above. You could either double down and bring someone like N Rodya for the bonus bleed support but it really isn’t required + Dieci is a better fit for endgame content regardless. Flex spots are often free for coverage IDs, hitting a damage type you’re lacking or providing crucial EGO resources.

On my team I’ll most likely be bringing both Dieci Rodya and Molar Outis and alternating between them, as both are self-sufficient blunt hybrids with great EGO.

Spicebush Yi Sang, N Sinclair (not recommended for RR due to potential sanity draining mechanics) and Cinq Don are all also good picks – essentially you’re looking for anyone who’s self-sufficient and doesn’t have any anti-synergies. Below I’ll break down some of these choices in order to be thorough.

Molar Outis specialises in Tremor application and Tremor Burst, she deals high damage and can constantly chip away at abnormalities’ breakpoints to give small boosts towards breaking thresholds. Ebony Stem and To Páthos Máthos are also great EGO, providing good damage when available.

Dieci Rodion is a staple tank that meshes well with almost every team. Good clashes, great shielding and relatively high sinking application are all massive benefits. She also gets to enjoy having one of the best EGO in the game through Rime Shank.

Spicebush Yi Sang works best with a sinking team, but it isn’t required for him to be successful – AOE attacks, high pierce damage and good clashes all add up to make him a meta pick. The only reason why I won’t be using him in my day one RR3 run is because I want to use Pequod for swaps to my poise team.

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