Limbus Company – Twinhook Pirate Gregor’s Team Compositions and Uses

Gregor has some unique IDs for sure, everything he has conforms to a build one way or another. G Corp Gregor has some nice sustain and rupture application, Zwei has solid tanking capabilities, and Pirate Gregor works very well with bleed and poise teams. It’s probably my favourite ID added this season and he acts as one of the few setup sweepers that doesn’t have charge or its equivalents (self-tremor & self-sinking).

On paper, Pirate Gregor seems to be a primarily poise-based ID. From my experience, for longer style combat without poise EGO gifts, he is essentially a bleed ID that crits insanely hard. Without any poise support, Pirate Gregor is still a self-sufficient ID – struggling only very slightly with maintaining a high poise count.

Skill 1 – Negotiation Start (Sloth)

10 Power. 2 Coins.

Skill 1 of Pirate Gregor in Limbus Company.

A very solid skill, don’t be fooled by the below average clashing power – if the target has 7+ bleed, this skill is boosted to a slightly above-average 12 power. It’s a relatively slow poise and bleed builder, but it allows him to stay poise neutral without a crit – perfect for building up to 20 stacks. The Sloth affinity is nice as well, rounding out some of the EGO imbalance on the team.

Skill 2 – Unilateral Business (Pride)

16 Power. 2 Coins.

Limbus Company - Pirate Gregor's Skill 2.

The bread and butter of this ID, a great skill with above average clashing – boosted even further to a maximum of 20 if the target has at least 14 bleed potency, a great +3 poise count on use, a potential +7 bleed potency and 50% bonus crit damage on coin 2. While it’s not the highest damaging skill in his kit, it functions as a great workhorse. With enough bleed on a target, this is also one of the highest rolling skill 2s in the entire game.

Skill 3 – Forgone Conclusion (Gloom)

17 Power. 2 Coins.

Pirate Gregor's Skill 3 in Limbus Company.

The reason why I recommend running Pirate Gregor as a bleed team sweeper. With proper setup (30+ bleed potency on target, 11+ poise potency and 2 poise count on Gregor) this skill clashes hard and hits even harder, changing it to 23 clash power and giving Gregor 2 guarenteed crits, the latter of which dealing a minimum of 220% damage. For long encounters with multiple enemies such as T Corp, on kill this skill grants Gregor a plus coin boost on the next turn. Using skill 3 on turn 2/3 will grant Gregor all the poise potency he needs, and allow him to snowball the rest of the fight – Pirate Gregor exists for long encounters.

Passive & Defense Skill – Bullets are Pricey & Take a Breather

Passive Req. 2 Pride Owned

Limbus Company - Pirate Gregor Passive

It’s a slightly confusing passive at first, but it’s the key to boosting his damage and removing the drawbacks of Ammo. Simply put, Gregor starts with 7 Ammo. Every heads hit on enemies with bleed gives him a stack (Max 4).

When Gregor uses skill 3, consume all stacks and coin 2 deals 25% bonus damage per stack – essentially doubling the damage AGAIN if used in combination with poise. If and when Gregor runs out of Ammo, he can still use skill 3 coin 2 – just at the cost of reducing stack bonus damage to 5% per stack. At the end of the day, he has infinite Ammo – he just loses some of that insane bonus damage after his 7th skill 3.

Defense Skill – Take a Breather. 14 Power. 1 Coin.

Gloom affinity evade. On evade, Gregor gains 1 poise potency with a max of 5 poise gained per turn. It’s decent, can’t ask for much more honestly – poise count would be great but eh.

EGO Choices –

Gregor's EGO Legerdemain from Limbus Company.

Legerdemain, Lantern and AEDD. It’s pretty simple, Gregor has virtually no choices for EGO at the moment. Legerdemain and Lantern are ridiculously strong at the moment with AOE paralysis application and great healing respectively. His 3 EGO used have decently average clashing power (23, 24 and 27), they don’t have any real team synergy but do function as nice helpers here and there – giving Gregor some personal survivability and the team some easier clashes.

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