Modern Warfare III: List of Weapons Available at Launch

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III is set to launch on November 10th, ushering in a new era of breakneck multiplayer action.

The game’s launch and pre-season will come packed with a staggering arsenal of primary and secondary weapons to choose from across a diverse range of classes.

Between brand-new armaments and rebalanced guns carried over from Modern Warfare II, players will have an unprecedented number of loadout options to match their preferred style of play.

114 Total Weapons Available at Launch

A mwiii soldier wielding a weapons in front of a building.
CoD Modern Warfare III guns available at launch

Modern Warfare III will launch with 114 total weapons in the armory, split between 37 shiny new implements of destruction and 77 existing firearms from Modern Warfare II that have been retooled and rebalanced. Each gun sports a logo to identify its origin – the sleek new MWIII logo for newly introduced weapons versus the classic MWII emblem for returners.

This massive day-one lineup ensures every type of player will find their ideal loadout. Those who cherish the familiarity of proven MWII weapons can rest easy knowing their old favorites have been updated to excel in MWIII’s reimagined meta.

A MWIII weapon is shown in a dark room.

At the same time, the dozens of new armaments offer unprecedented creative freedom to craft visionary loadouts.

The 37 new weapons span all 10 classes, providing tactical diversity. Let’s take a look at the full breakdown:

New MWIII Weapons by Class

ClassNew Weapons
Assault RiflesSVA 545, MTZ-556, Holger 556, MCW, DG-58, FR 5.56
Battle RiflesBAS-B, Sidewinder, MTZ-762
Submachine GunsStriker, WSP Swarm, AMR9, WSP-9, Rival-9, Striker 9
ShotgunsLockwood 680, Haymaker, Riveter
Light Machine GunsPulemyot 762, DG-58 LSW, Holger 26, Bruen Mk9, TAQ Eradicator
Marksman RiflesKVD Enforcer, MCW 6.8, DM56, MTZ Interceptor
Sniper RiflesKATT-AMR, Longbow, KV Inhibitor
PistolsCOR-45, Renetti, TYR, WSP Stinger
MeleeGutter Knife, Karambit

This table illustrates the exciting expansion happening across all weapon classes. Expect a wealth of new tactical possibilities, especially for versatile players who skillfully wield diverse armament types.

A mwiii weapon is shown in a dark room.
MWIII Holger 556

The new Marksman and Sniper Rifles should thrill long-range shooters, while run-and-gunners will cherish the bevy of new SMGs and agile Shotguns ideal for crushing close-quarters combat.

Gunsmith Returns for Unprecedented Weapon Customization

A screenshot of a weapon from MWIII, a popular video game.
MWIII Gunsmith

The revised MWII Gunsmith weapon customization system will be carrying over with minor modifications in Modern Warfare III. The gunsmith allows players to modify their weapons by attaching scopes, magazines, barrels, stocks and more to create specialized builds tailored to their style.

Gunsmith has been refined and expanded in MWIII, making the weapon build process smoother and more intuitive than ever before. Key improvements include:

  • Streamlined navigation for quicker access to attachments.
  • More detailed stat changes from each attachment so players can precisely track the impact to damage, accuracy, mobility, handling and other key metrics.
  • Enhanced stat comparisons between different attachments so players can easily determine the optimal configuration for their needs.
  • An armory collecting all unlocked attachments for easy swapping between builds.
  • Removal of the attachment tuning feature that most players despised in MWII

These upgrades take the weapon tuning process to new heights. Experiment freely with radical new attachments unlocked through weapon progression to engineer the perfect instrument of domination.

Aftermarket Parts Add Wild Modifications

An exciting new system called Aftermarket Parts lets players dramatically transform and enhance weapons. These rare kits are obtained by completing weekly challenges that put skills to the test. Equipping an Aftermarket Part bestows insane bonuses befitting their supreme difficulty to obtain.

Here are some standout examples of Aftermarket Parts and their game-changing effects:

JAK Raven Kit (MCW – AR)

This kit converts the MCW assault rifle to .300 caliber ammo, improving its versatility and hitting power over range.

JAK Heretic Carbine Kit (MTZ-762 – BR)

The MTZ-762 battle rifle is transformed into a lightweight, hard-hitting 7.62 assault rifle with this kit.

Broodmother .45 Kit (WSP-9 – SMG)

A mwiii weapon with a wooden handle is shown in a video game.
MWIII Broodmother

Beef up the WSP-9 SMG by swapping to high-damage .45 caliber rounds.

JAK Annihilator Bullpup Kit (Pulemyot 762 – LMG)

Modify the Pulemyot 762 LMG into a more mobile, maneuverable bullpup layout.

XRK IP-V2 Conversion Barrel (COR-45 – Handgun)

This barrel unlocks optics, underbarrel attachments, and doubles the COR-45’s fire rate for unprecedented handgun flexibility.

JAK Ferocity Carbine Kit (Renetti – Handgun)

Turn the Renetti pistol into a compact SMG with dramatically increased magazine capacity.

These are just a taste of the modifications possible through Aftermarket Parts. Expect game-changing buffs that radically reinvent weapons into new forms. The rarity and challenge makes earning these kits an incredible accomplishment.

Enhanced Stats Details for Optimal Weapon Tuning

A screenshot of the thermal option in Call of Duty featuring MWIII weapons.
MWIII Mod Menu

Modern Warfare III takes weapon statistics to new heights through expanded stat tracking. The Gunsmith menu displays real-time numeric changes to key metrics like damage, accuracy, mobility, handling and more as attachments are swapped. This enables precise tuning based on granular performance indicators rather than vague stat bars.

The new comparison feature takes things even further. With the tap of a button, players can switch between attachments to see the exact impact on individual stats. This makes it easy to determine objectively which option boosts critical attributes like ADS speed or recoil control the most.

The result is an enhanced theorycrafting experience that empowers players to engineer superlative weapon builds backed by hard statistics. Experiment with radical loadouts and leverage the detailed metrics to push performance to the edge.

Removal of Controversial Attachment Tuning System

Modern Warfare III has done away with the contentious weapon and attachment tuning system from MWII. This mechanic was considered by most people to be incredibly opaque (especially considering the lack of detailed statistics available in MWII) and understanding or measuring the benefit of tuning was difficult to the point of being counterproductive for most players.

By removing this polarizing feature, all weapons in MWIII will have consistent, predictable behavior from match to match. Players can develop a true mastery of their personalized loadouts when gun characteristics remain static. Removal of attachment tuning simplifies the entire process of building out guns without being bogged down in minutiae and sliders.

Go Wild Exploring a Diverse Arsenal at Launch

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III is primed to deliver unprecedented breadth and depth of armaments at launch. Between dozens of creatively designed new weapons and retooled Modern Warfare II guns, the options are endless. Seamless Gunsmith customization enables tactically tailored loadouts specialized for every playstyle. The new Aftermarket Parts system opens the door to truly wild enhancements obtained as badges of honor. Lastly, detailed weapon statistics grant scientific precision to the theorycrafting process.

Lock and load on November 10th to experience this heavy metal paradise of advanced ballistics customization! Check out the Call of Duty MW III website for more information and keep up to date with all the latest news and updates at our Modern Warfare III page.

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