How to Obtain the Wish-Keeper Bow in Destiny 2

Guardians rejoice! The long-awaited Starcrossed mission is finally here in Season of the Wish, offering devoted players the chance to get their hands on the incredible new Wish-Keeper bow. This mystic weapon is shaping up to be one of the most desirable items this season, making the quest to acquire it a top priority for many Destiny fans.

If you’re looking to add this impressive bow to your arsenal, here’s everything you need to know about starting the Starcrossed mission and earning your reward.

When Can You Begin Starcrossed?

Meeting Prerequisites (Wishing All The Best)

Destiny 2 players will dive back into the Black Garden for the new exotic mission Starcrossed, rewarding them with the new Strand Bow - Wish-Keeper.

Before you can embark on Starcrossed, you must first make significant progress through the Season of the Wish storyline. Specifically, you need to complete the first three weeks of seasonal quests and advance to step 29 in “Wishing All the Best.” Once you trigger the fourth weekly reset, you’ll receive the Apophasis mission. Finish that, and Starcrossed will become available through the H.E.L.M. or the Wishing All the Best quest.

How to Start the Mission

With the prerequisites met, starting Starcrossed is simple. You can either select its node directly from the H.E.L.M. directory or use the Launch button within the Wishing All the Best quest itself. Either way, you’ll be matchmade into the mission with other Guardians also hoping to secure their own Wish-Keeper.

The Wish-Keeper Strand Bow

An image of an archer with a Wish-Keeper Bow in the grass.

Completing Starcrossed nets you several rewards for your effort. Most notably, you’ll obtain the formidable Wish-Keeper bow equipped with Deepsight Resonance. This allows you to craft the weapon, adding new perks and catalysts. You’ll also potentially receive red-border versions of the Season of the Undying weapons, like Imperative and Optative.

Wish-Keeper is a Strand bow that creates snare traps on surfaces when fired, suspending enemies and providing further Strand synergies. The bow feels great, with a snappy draw time and solid PVE applications. I wouldn’t recommend it in PVP however, as the snareweaver traps barely suspend enemy guardians.

Aztecross has already done a great Day-One impressions and review.

Running the mission on Legend difficulty or on normal once a week may provide catalysts to further enhance Wish-Keeper. And as always, hidden chests likely contain extra loot for curious explorers. With the mystical Wish-Keeper now within reach, Destiny players have an exciting new objective to work towards.

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