Early Access for Gaslamp Survival Game Nightingale Now Starts February 20th

Inflexion Games has announced that the Early Access release date for their hotly anticipated survival-crafting game Nightingale has been moved up by two days.

The studio decided to push up the release date to allow more time for their community to dive in and explore the mysterious realms ahead of the weekend. This also gives them an opportunity to address any potential launch issues before peak playing times.

New Sizzle Trailer Shows Off Nightingale’s Gaslamp World

Nightingale scene

Along with the revised Early Access date, Inflexion has also dropped a stylish new sizzle trailer. The footage provides tempting glimpses into the rich gaslamp fantasy setting of the Faewilds, where players will craft Realm Cards to traverse portals to new and exotic destinations.

Nightingale Release

We also get teasing peeks at some of the crafting, customization, and survival elements that await within these uncharted lands. From building up your own estate to facing down fantastic beasts, Nightingale looks set to satisfy players craving immersive adventures alongside friends.

Over 48,000 Players Stress Test Nightingale Servers

A haunting screenshot of the village in the Nightingale

Inflexion recently conducted an open stress test across two weekends, allowing over 48,000 players to experience a pre-Early Access preview. This successful test run helped ensure that Nightingale’s servers will be able to handle an influx of portal-jumping adventurers when the game launches later this month.

The stress test gave players a taste of what to expect, all while providing the studio with valuable data to further optimize things before release day. Judging by many excited reactions from test participants across social media, the game already seems to be charming fans with its magical atmospherics and gameplay.

Forge Your Own Destiny in Nightingale’s Faewilds

Nightingale is an atmospheric Gaslamp Survival Game currently in Early Access. Get a glimpse of its stunning visuals with Screenshot 2.

Nightingale presents solo players or groups of up to five friends with a fantasy realm full of wonder and danger in equal measure. Survival will hinge on mastering crafting, managing resources judiciously, and being prepared to battle monstrous foes.

Players who survive (and thrive) will be rewarded. Realm Cards can whisk them away to new destinations ripe for exploration. Customizable estates will allow them to build sanctuaries styled to suit their tastes. And magnificent vistas full of magical creatures and lore will encourage players to go find every secret in the game.

Nightingale launches in Early Access on February 20th on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store. Visit the game’s official website for more information and check out our dedicated Nightingale game page for guides and updates.

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