Nightingale Gameplay Trailer: Spread Your Wings

Check out the impressive gameplay trailer for the upcoming gaslamp survival game, Nightingale below. The early footage looks stunning, with innovative enemies and environments.

The magical realms of Nightingale finally open their doors to Realmwalkers everywhere come February 2024. Inflexion Games has announced an Early Access release date of February 22nd on Steam and the Epic Games Store for their gaslamp fantasy survival title. This marks an exciting milestone for the studio’s ambitious debut game.

A Rich Gaslamp Multiverse

As a Realmwalker, you’ll use mystical portals to traverse Nightingale’s procedural worlds where gritty cities and wilderness biomes await. Each new realm presents unique challenges and materials to gather, requiring cunning, skill and teamwork to survive.

At its core, Nightingale is about building a world shoulder-to-shoulder with friends. Construct settlements, unearth mysteries and stand tall together against magic and machinations. The shared world evolves through the actions of players.

Crafted for Quality and Community

Inflexion Games has delayed the Early Access launch to ensure Nightingale delivers on its immense potential. As their first title, the team is committed to creating a game that becomes a cherished place for players to explore and discover together.

Early Access marks the start of an ongoing collaboration between Inflexion and the Nightingale community. Through regular Realmwalker feedback, the game will grow and improve over time into the definitive gaslamp survival experience.

Price and Roadmap for Further Flight

Nightingale will cost $30 USD for the initial Early Access release. This marks the beginning of the journey towards a full 1.0 launch. The development roadmap includes expanding biomes, new build items, deeper crafting and an evolving narrative that emphasizes player stories.

Inflexion will rely on Realmwalker feedback to improve Nightingale throughout Early Access. This collaborative approach will be essential for creating a living world shaped by its inhabitants.

Inflexion Games – Veterans of Adventure

While Nightingale is their debut project, Inflexion Games boasts industry veterans with acclaimed pedigree. Their combined credits include franchises like Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Far Cry, and World of Warcraft.

With Tencent’s backing, the studio has the resources and expertise to fulfill Nightingale’s immense potential. Early Access will help refine their vision into a memorable shared-world experience.

Wishlist Now for PC on Steam or Epic Games Store

Prospective Realmwalkers can now wishlist Nightingale on Steam and the Epic Games Store ahead of its February 2024 Early Access release.

Inflexion aims to craft a living gaslamp multiverse shaped by those who traverse it. The upcoming launch marks an exciting starting point on the roadmap towards bringing this ambitious shared world to life.

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