Explore the Gaslamp Fantasy World of Nightingale in New Trailer

Inflexion Games has released an official overview trailer for their upcoming survival-crafting game Nightingale.

With the title entering Early Access on February 20th, the footage showcases the Victorian-inspired setting players will soon get to explore.

Character Customization Reflects Your Place in the Faewilds

A statue of a man with a mask in a gaslamp fantasy setting.

The trailer opens by highlighting the extensive character creation tools that will allow players to design their own unique character.

With the ability to customize hair, facial features, and intricate clothing options ranging from practical adventuring gear to upper-class ballgowns, your look will reflect your place in Nightingale’s mystical realm. The gaslamp fantasy setting means both magic and technology shape your journey.

Building, Crafting and Combat to Survive the Faewilds

A man and woman in nightingale cosmetics
Nightingale Twitch drops

Gameplay footage demonstrates the crafting, construction, and combat systems that will enable survival across Nightingale’s magical biomes.

Players can build elaborate bases solo or with friends, allowing creativity and teamwork. An array of devastating weapons and gadgets can be crafted to take down the dangerous Apex creatures that roam the lands. Strategic thinking is required to endure Nightingale’s challenges.

Inflexion Games has confirmed a Twitch Drops campaign from February 20 to 27 where players can unlock an exclusive Victorian-styled teckel dog pet by watching participating Twitch channels.

The unique pet will join players on their adventures in Nightingale’s Fae Realms.

Realm Cards and Dungeons Promise Danger and Discovery

Realm Cards that transport you to procedurally generated biomes are Nightingale’s take on portals.

These unstable gateways offer tantalizing promise: explore new regions or wing your way into ominous dungeons filled with valuable loot. But tread carefully, as deadly boss monsters lurk in the darkness.

Shared World Survival for Solo Players or Groups

Nightingale screenshot of environment

While solo play is viable in Nightingale’s mystical land, the overview makes clear that cooperative multiplayer will enhance the experience.

Players can tackle objectives as part of The Watch with up to 5 friends. Splitting up to take on quests then reconvening to show off your spoils looks to be a compelling gameplay loop.

With an experienced development team and strong worldbuilding on display, Nightingale’s blend of survival crafting and shared world adventure continues to intrigue.

Nightingale will release on the 20th February on Steam and Epic Games Store. Check out our featured Nightingale page for more information on the game.

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