Limbus Company Season 3 – Bon Voyage – Launches Soon

Tomorrow’s the big day, Season 3 of Limbus Company drops after a 6 hour maintainance. Alongside it, Chapter 5 Part 1 is coming out, focusing on Ishmael’s backstory this time – the gang’s travelling out on the great lake again (hopefully the LCBB – Limbus Company Bus Boat stays afloat this time for a while). Project Moon released a PV trailer a few days ago to namedrop some of the new EGOs we’ll be seeing, assumingly in the Limbus Pass.

Hong Lu and Rodion – Effervescent Corrosion

Two anime characters in green costumes embark on a bon voyage in Season 3 as they join the Limbus Company.

I’m gonna assume that these are some new gluttony EGOs, we don’t know anything about them statistics-wise – BUT Rodion’s getting her first new EGO since launch, which is pretty cool. Hong Lu doesn’t really need anything else new, maybe another HE or TETH class EGO. If these are gluttony-demanding EGOs we’ll be bound to see some good synergy with K Corp Hong Lu, an already top-tier ID.

Faust and Sinclair – 9 2?

Ultimately I’m not too sure about these, I’m certain they’ll be linked to an abnormality we’ve seen before – but from what we’ve seen I can’t put my finger on it. I’ll go ahead and guess that they’re wrath/lust EGOs, but either way it’ll be tough for them to compete with Lifetime Stew and Impending Day on Sinclair. Faust already has two of the best EGOs in the game with Fluid Sac and Hex Nail, not to mention Representation Emitter as well. We’ll have to wait and find out.

Pirate Gregor and LCCB Ryoshu

In Season 3 of the hit show Limbus Company, a man confidently holds a fiery bon voyage moment in front of a ship.

Two new IDs, ESGOO will be happy that Ryoshu’s getting a 2 star finally. They look great, Ryoshu’s fittingly equipped with a shotgun, giving more love to my favourite Ammo abuser archetype. We’ll release new articles for these IDs when we get our hands on them, but for now I’m incredibly excited.

Overall, I’m loving it. Ishmael’s one of my favourite sinners, her backstory involving “That Bastard” – I’m assuming is Moby Dick, or Captain Ahab – is gonna be great. PM keep upping the ante every chapter, I legitimately didn’t think they could top Chapter 3, but they went and did it with Yi Sang’s story. Chapter 4 literally had a higher word count than the entirety of Library of Ruina, and I’m hoping for a similar result this time around.

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