W Corp Yi Sang Coming to Limbus Company’s Next Patch

So we’ve hit that time of the season, where everyone’s wrapping up on their lunacy grinds to snag the seasonal IDs before they’re locked away by Kim Ji-hoon himself. This time last season we were graced by N Sinclair “The One Who Shall Grip” and this time around most people were eager for the announcement of a Farmwatch ID, potentially for Outis. Unfortunately, with the announcement of W Corp Yi Sang a few days ago, I think that our collective dreams are crushed. But…

This Could Be A Huge Win

A screenshot of a character from the game developed by W Corp.

Besides the amazingly flashy animations shown off in the reveal, we got a look at some of the effects this new ID can bring to the table. I gotta say, as a charge/rupture enjoyer, I am insanely hyped for this. A self-contained charge ID with a strong focus on inflicting and abusing rupture count, that funds his own Dimension Shredder EGO. It’s a lot to take in and understand, not as bad as the Walpurgis Night IDs, but more comparable to Yi Sang’s own Spicebush ID.

I’ve been abusing Uptie 4 Spicebush since release, and it’s a serious contender for a slot in the top 3 solo IDs. While I don’t think this new W Corp ID will topple the sheer versatility of Spicebush, I think it will fit neatly into charge and rupture teams as a top damaging option. Seven Yi Sang missed the mark for rupture-abuse teams, and I think this new ID will slot in very nicely amongst Seven Heathcliff and Faust.

Potential Use-Cases and Builds

Once I roll the new ID, the first thing I’ll try him with is a full charge team. I’m thinking W Don, Ryoshu, Hong Lu and Rabbit Heathcliff. While we don’t know stats like the exact numbers or offense levels, I think it’s safe to assume that Yi Sang will fit the role of a damage-boosting support unit that can pump out sufficient numbers and solid clashes.

Overall, despite the lack of a Farmwatch ID this season, I’m extremely hopeful for what this ID will do to the already meta-defining charge teams. I eagerly awaited the release of Youtuber ESGOO’s rant about charge once this ID was announced, and I took a sadistic pleasure as I watched it pop up in my inbox (On a side note, please go watch ESGOO’s content, he’s an amazing Limbus content creator). The animations of his skills + Dimension Shredder funding alone sold me, but I think the idea behind a charge/rupture hybrid support unit definitely has its niche.

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