The 2nd Walpurgis Night Announced For Limbus Company

Coming on the 11th of January and running for two weeks is the new Walpurgis Night event in Limbus Company, announced on Twitter and Youtube by Project Moon. With two new Abnormality-inspired IDs from Lobotomy Corporation – Meat Lantern Don Quixote and Der Freischütz Outis alongside two new announcer packs from L. Corp and Library of Ruina.

What is Walpurgis Night in Limbus Company?

Walpurgis Night is an event that rolls around every 3 months, focused on giving players E.G.O gear and Ruina IDs. Usually it’s accompanied by a short cutscene, but this time we’re getting some new enemies and stages. Last time, we got Forsaken Murderer Faust, Regret Meursault EGO and Hook Office Hong Lu, which were all shakeups for the meta.

This time around, we’re not recieving an EGO. In its place are two new announcer packs, one for fan-favourite character Malkuth from PM’s past games, and one for Pierre and Jack – characters from Library of Ruina that already have ID representation through Chef Ryoshu and Gregor.

Meat Lantern Don Quixote

The New Meat Lantern EGO ID for Don Quixote in Limbus Company.

Our upcoming 00 (Two-Star) ID is an effloresced EGO for Don Quixote, and it looks incredible. Everything from the animations to the visual design looks outstanding. In Lobotomy Corporation, Meat Lantern functions relatively simply. Once it breaches containment, it hides as a flower in a hallway, before jumping out to devour any nearby employees.

This spontaneous destruction is a pretty suitable fit for the easily-excitable Don Quixote. Based off the trailer and the animations, I’m assuming that this will be Don’s first real tank ID. I can’t predict much else without some of the skill information, but I’m near-certain that she’ll heal off her skill 3, which involves her biting her target.

Der Freischütz Outis

The New Der Freischutz EGO ID for Outis in Limbus Company

This is the big one, Outis fans rejoice – the wait is finally over. All the Outis fans who were begging for Farmwatch are probably still coming down from this announcement. The 000 (Three-Star) ID for Walpurgis Night is Der Freischütz Outis, all three of her skills involve Magic Bullets.

Outis needed a new three star ID pretty badly, she’s been treated pretty well recently with Molar Office and Cinq. However, we’ve lacked an ID that inspires players to build a team around. This seems to answer those issues, and I think that I can pretty safely assume the functions of all of her skills here.

There’ll be a passive giving bonus damage to every X shots fired (probably 8), a blunt skill 1 that gives her options while out of ammo – something that Rabbit Heathcliff lacks. Pierce skills 2 and 3, with a bonus effect if her skill 3 meets a certain requirement. Attack weight seems to be a major focus here, with an “acceptable friendly fire” theme that really suits Outis.

Outis has high attack weight in the upcoming Limbus Update.

Skill 2 seems to be a single target, high damage attack that fires a magic bullet at the target. Skill 3 has a base attack weight of 4, piercing through every target hit. The skill 3 with requirements met seems to have an attack weight of 7, targeting randomly and similarly to EGOs and Reindeer Ishmael. Combining the tragic story of L. Corp and Ruina’s Der Freischütz with Outis’s militaristic outlook is bound to have a great set of voicelines.

The Dawn of Green – Doubt

The Ordeals were a massive part of L. Corp’s gameplay, and I’m hyped that we’re seeing some of them return. We saw a few in Ruina, like the Sweepers, but there’s been nothing of the sort in Limbus Company.

A screenshot of a character from Limbus Company, surrounded by darkness during Walpurgis Night.

The Dawn of Green, also known as Doubt – features a derelict robotic theme and unknown enemies that only attempt to kill their targets. These machines are BRUTAL, massacring employees in an instant. Project Moon bringing the Ordeals into Limbus Company, even the basic and early-game ones, instills me with hope that one day we’ll have to go up against the terrifying opponents of the midnight Ordeals.

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