Modern Warfare 3 Bringing Back MW2 2022 Maps

Activision has confirmed that Modern Warfare 3 will feature fan-favorite maps from 2022’s Modern Warfare 2. This means you’ll get to revisit and frag out on some of the most recent Call of Duty maps when MW3 releases later this year.

MW2 Maps Making a Comeback

Modern Warfare III, also known as Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 (MW3), is a highly popular first-person shooter video game.

Shortly after launch, Modern Warfare 3 will add a dedicated playlist with three classic MW2 maps – Farm 18, Mercado Las Almas, and the legendary Shoot House. More maps will follow in seasonal updates throughout MW3’s lifecycle.

This initial batch of returning maps will look visually identical to their MW2 versions. However, due to changes in movement mechanics and gameplay, we expect them to play a bit differently in MW3.

Experience Iconic Maps in a New Light

The new gameplay features and mechanics introduced in MW3 will give these classic maps a fresh feel. The revamped movement system, new weapon selection, and gameplay modes like Cutthroat will drastically change how you approach and play on these maps.

You’ll need to relearn sightlines, flanking routes, high traffic areas, and power positions on these maps to truly master them in MW3. It’ll feel comfortably familiar, yet offer new gameplay possibilities.

More New Maps Still Coming

Call of duty black ops 2 screenshots showcasing intense gameplay and stunning visuals.

MW2 maps returning doesn’t mean MW3 won’t deliver new and remastered maps. The seasonal updates will still introduce brand new maps along with bringing back MW2 favorites.

So you can look forward to fresh maps tailored specifically for Modern Warfare 3’s gameplay as well as revisiting MW2 maps you know and love. A healthy mix of both will ensure a varied and exciting map rotation.

Carry Forward Brings Your Progress Along

Thanks to the new Carry Forward feature, all the content you unlocked in MW2 comes with you to MW3. Your operators, weapon blueprints, skins and other items will carry right over at launch.

This means you can flex your accomplishments from day one. Veteran players will stand out on these classic maps with the rare skins, blueprints and high level operators they’ve earned.

MW3 Multi-Stage Release Dates and Times – Campaign and Multiplayer

A group of soldiers standing in the water with a modern warfare 3 castle in the background.

First up – the action-packed Campaign will kick off worldwide on November 2nd at 10AM Pacific Time. PC players can get a head start by pre-loading the Campaign starting November 1st at 9AM Pacific.

Next comes the massive Modern Warfare III Multiplayer mode. Pre-loading for Multiplayer and the new PvE Zombies experience begins November 8th at 9AM Pacific. Then at midnight Eastern on November 10th, Multiplayer and Zombies go live.

Zombies mode brings the new Warzone map Urzikstan to life in a PvE co-op experience. While Urzikstan won’t be playable in Warzone battle royale until Season 1, Zombies provides an early chance to explore this highly-anticipated map.

Our recent in-depth post on the release dates and times for Modern Warfare 3 has more information.

With a campaign preview, multiplayer pre-load window, and platform-specific launch times, Modern Warfare 3 has one of the most complex openings in Call of Duty history. This multi-stage rollout allows players to experience the game in phases rather than all at once.

Crank Up the Hype

Modern Warfare 3 already had huge shoes to fill following the massive success of MW2. This news cranks the hype and excitement to 11. We can’t wait to play these classic maps with MW3’s new mechanics.

The countdown begins to revisit these icons of Call of Duty history in the next epic installment of the Modern Warfare series. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 released on the 10th November.

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