Nightingale Soars into Early Access on February 22nd, 2024

Inflexion Games’ gaslamp fantasy survival-crafting game Nightingale finally has a release date for Early Access – February 22nd, 2024. We’ve been following the development of this game since its announcement, and are cautiously optimistic for its future.

The shared-world game promises to deliver a unique Victorian-inspired universe filled with magic and wonder. Players can start exploring the myriad realms of the Nightingale and influencing the development of this ambitious title.

A Rich Gaslamp Fantasy World

A man dressed in a nightingale costume is standing in front of a tree.

Nightingale will place players into a lush procedurally-generated realm, where the forces of magic and industry intermix. Gothic architecture blends seamlessly with technological revolution in sprawling cities. Beyond the urban sprawl, the untamed wilderness beckons for exploration and settlement.

Players must survive this harsh realm through their wit and perseverance. The gaslamp fantasy aesthetic brings together the gritty realism of the industrial revolution with the limitless possibilities of magic. With survival and crafting at its core, players will need to scavenge, build and fight to thrive.

Participate in Early Access Development

By launching in Early Access, Inflexion Games aims to involve the gaming community directly in Nightingale’s ongoing development. Players can share feedback, ideas and bug reports that will shape the future evolution of the game.

The launch content will include the intricate character progression system and plenty of challenges to overcome. With regular content updates planned, the world will dramatically expand over the Early Access period. The development team wants to ensure the community’s satisfaction through this collaborative process.

Crafted by Industry Veterans

A nightingale's melodic song fills the air in the screenshot of the nightmare village.

While Nightingale represents Inflexion Games’ debut project, the team comprises veterans from acclaimed studios like BioWare, Relic and Bizarre Creations. Their combined pedigree includes cornerstone franchises like Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Wipeout and Far Cry.

With Tencent’s backing, Inflexion Games has the resources to make good on the immense promise of Nightingale’s gaslamp multiverse. The studio is committed to delivering a deep and polished shared-world experience. Early Access provides the opportunity to achieve this ambitious vision.

Wishlist Nightingale Now on Steam and Epic

Eager survivalists and crafters can now wishlist Nightingale on Steam and the Epic Games Store ahead of its February 2024 Early Access launch. Join the Official Discord as well to stay up to date with the latest announcements from Inflexion Games.

With its fresh gaslamp fantasy setting and emphasis on community-driven development, Nightingale shows tremendous promise. The February 2024 Early Access takeoff will be an exciting milestone for Inflexion’s debut title. Survival enthusiasts and world-builders alike have much to look forward to as they help shape this ambitious shared world.

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