Quick Guide To Beating Stormcaller in MWZ

One of the most challenging new missions in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies is beating the Stormcaller in Closing Time in Act 3, Tier 4. This mission throws players into a deadly Aether Storm to take on zombies and complete objectives against all odds. With the right methods, you can conquer this solo or in a party.

Know Your Enemy: Identifying the Aether Storm

A map showing the location of a Stormcaller in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies game.

The Aether Storm is a key obstacle in Closing Time. Also known as the radiation zone, the Aether Storm is clearly marked by a biohazard symbol with a large purple circle around it. The Aether Storm is similar to the one in DMZ and it fills parts of the map with deadly radioactive fog that rapidly damages any players inside. You will need a gas mask to spend any amount of time in the Aether Storm. Identifying its location is crucial to navigating the map and completing objectives.

Step 1: Defeat the Overpowered Stormcaller

A Stormcaller stands menacingly in front of a city, gripping a gun with the intense determination of a soldier in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies.
Disciple Boss

Within the Aether Storm itself, players must first find then take down Stormcaller.

As a powerful level three Warlord variant, Stormcaller has a massive health pool, requiring players to equip high-damage double Pack-a-Punched weapons and essential Perk-a-Colas like Jugger-nog to stand a chance.

This undead boss also possesses the ability to continuously summon additional zombies while siphoning health to heal itself during the fight. Due to these lethal skills, taking down Stormcaller demands focus fire and persistence.

When facing this boss, concentrate attacks on its head as this is the critical weak point. While defeating Stormcaller will require heavy firepower and well-timed headshots, with the right preparation and strategy, players can eventually overcome this deadly foe. Consistently targeting the head and utilizing the best gear is the key to victory against Stormcaller.

Also maintaining distance and using drops like Instakill or Nuke and Energy Mine upgrades is advised when facing Stormcaller. Time your Nuke or Energy Mine drops to inflict huge damage when he’s in the blast radius.

Step 2: Survive the Aether Storm

After defeating Stormcaller, it’s time to enter the Aether Storm itself to kill 50 zombies. Fight just outside the storm at first to build up your loadout and points. Enter the Aether Storm once you’re prepared and stay on the move inside, using open areas to avoid getting trapped.

Score critical hits and headshots quickly to minimize health loss. It’s challenging, but defeating the required 50 zombies inside the storm is doable.

Complete All Three Closing Time Objectives for Maximum Points

To fully complete Closing Time, players must:

  1. Defeat Stormcaller
  2. Kill 50 Zombies within the Aether Storm
  3. Survive for 2 minutes 30 seconds within the Aether Storm

Completing all three objectives earns the most points, but requires speed, awareness, and skill, especially in solo play. Party coordination helps, but success is achievable either way. Killing Stormcaller will reward the player with a gold skull worth 5,000 points.

Mastering a Deadly Zombies Challenge

Closing Time exemplifies the raised stakes of MW3 Zombies with deadly new enemies, objectives, and hazards to overcome. Study the map, equip the best loadout, and be ready to act fast when item drops appear. With practice, you can master this intense undead challenge.

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