All Zombie Enemies in MWZ and How To Kill Them

The key to surviving the endless onslaught of the undead in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’s addictive Zombies mode is understanding your enemies inside and out.

This comprehensive guide will break down everything you need to know about each zombie type, along with tips and strategies for counteracting their strengths and exploiting their weaknesses.

Zombie TypeStrengthsHow to Kill Them
Standard ZombieWeak and easily killed by most weapons
Overwhelming in large numbers
Headshot damage to save ammo
Armored ZombieFunction the same as standard zombies but have armor
Require more shots to kill
Headshot damage
Vulnerable to shatter blast ammo mod which strips armor
HellhoundHigh mobility
Come in packs, making engagements dangerous if unprepared
Vulnerable to frost damage
MimicTransform from Aether Chests, element of surprise is their greatest strength
Grab and hold teammates when attempting to loot the chest
Vulnerable to toxic damage
CrawlerSmaller than average zombies, crawl on the ground
Annoying to kill and can surprise you
Vulnerable to frost damage
Resilient, and has extra armor that increases its survivability
Vulnerable to fire damage and explosions
The Mangler’s helmet and cannon arm can be destroyed
DiscipleEmpowers normal zombies in the area
Attacks with a beam, which at the same time heals itself
Vulnerable to electrical damage
The Disciple’s mask can be broken, which will stun it
StormcallerBoss with the Aether Storm in Act 3, Tier 4 Mission ‘Çlosing Time’. An overpowered Disciple and classed as a Warlord.
Empowers normal zombies in the area.
Has life drain
Vulnerable to Energy Mine
Mega AbominationFound in the middle of zone 3
Attacks using a pounce and an electric stream from its mouth
Vulnerable to electric damage
List of Zombie Enemies in MWZ

The Standard Zombie

A man in a dark room with glowing eyes, battling terrifying zombie types.
MWZ Zombie

While slow and weak individually, Standard Zombies can swiftly overwhelm players through sheer numbers. They have low health and deal minimal damage, but their relentless aggression makes them dangerous, especially in groups.


  • Sheer numbers
  • Aggressive swarming


  • Low health
  • Low damage


  • Aim for headshots to conserve ammo
  • Don’t let yourself get surrounded
  • Use wide spread weapons like shotguns against hordes

The Armored Zombie

Call of duty black ops 2 screenshot showcasing MW3 in-game elements and various zombie types.
MWZ Armored Zombies

Similar to Standard Zombies but wrapped in protective metal armor, Armored Zombies are tougher to take down. Their armor makes them resistant to damage, requiring more shots to kill.


  • Heavy armor increases durability
  • Resistant to weapon damage


  • No additional strength or abilities
  • Vulnerable to headshots


  • Aim exclusively for unarmored head
  • Use high-powered ammo types to pierce armor

The Hellhound

In an action-packed video game, a menacing horde of various zombie types relentlessly march down a street. Players must strategize and unleash their skills to kill these terrifying creatures reminiscent of the intense
MWZ The Hellhound

Hellhounds are highly mobile undead dogs that often attack in vicious packs. They are fast and erratic in their movements, making them hard to hit. Hellhounds explode upon death, damaging nearby players.


  • High speed and erratic movement
  • Attack in packs
  • Explode on death


  • Low health
  • Susceptible to traps


  • Set up barriers and lead them through traps
  • Use shotguns and SMGs to rapidly take out packs
  • Keep distance to avoid explosion damage

The Mimic

A variety of zombie types roaming down a street, as if straight out of MW3.
MWZ The Mimic

Elite zombies known as Mimics disguise themselves as unassuming Aether Chests, waiting to ambush players drawn in by the promise of loot. They explode out of chest form when interacted with and viciously attack.


  • Disguised as loot chests
  • Powerful explosion upon revealing true form
  • High health and damage


  • No ranged attack
  • Still vulnerable to headshots


  • Carefully inspect chests before opening
  • Open from a distance
  • Unload on revealed Mimic’s head

The Crawler

Smaller than standard zombies, Crawlers creep along the ground on all fours before suicidally exploding when they get near their target. Their explosive nature makes them very dangerous.


  • Low profile harder to spot
  • Powerful self-destruct explosion


  • Slow movement speed
  • Low health


  • Listen for their distinctive growls
  • Pick them off before they get into range
  • Avoid bottlenecks where they can swarm

The Mangler

A man wielding a torch fights off diverse zombie types in a thrilling video game, aiming to kill them all.
MWZ The Mangler

Our all time favorite Zombie bosses, Manglers are elite zombies equipped with powerful energy cannons strapped to their arms. They can blast players from range and are difficult to trap or corner.


  • Ranged energy cannon attack
  • High health
  • Agile and hard to trap


  • Large size makes them easier targets
  • Relatively slow movement


  • Use cover to avoid energy blasts
  • Flank and surround to prevent escape
  • Toss grenades around corners to damage

The Disciple

A Stormcaller stands menacingly in front of a city, gripping a gun with the intense determination of a soldier in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies.
MWZ Disciple

Disciples are elite zombies that possess the ability to command and strengthen hordes of standard zombies. While Disciples lack strong direct attacks, they are difficult to kill and can overwhelm through their minions.


  • Can buff and command other zombies
  • Tough to kill due to high health


  • No direct attacks
  • Slow moving


  • Make Disciples priority target
  • Use AoE and crowd control to handle buffed zombies
  • Hit and run tactics to whittle down health

Unique Zombie Bosses

These elite bosses can be found in Zone 3 or in the Aether Cloud, and will need to be defeated to complete the MWZ Act missions.

The Stormcaller

A screenshot of a video game with two zombies in the background, showcasing different zombie types.
MWZ Disciple Stormcaller

This Warlord Disciple boss can be found lurking in the Aether Storm, and will need to be killed once you get to Act 3, Tier 4 mission called Closing Time.

  • Massive health pool – requires high damage weapons
  • Summons additional zombies – can overwhelm players
  • Siphons health – can heal itself during the fight


  • Head is critical weak point
  • Vulnerable to heavy firepower
  • Susceptible to well-timed headshots


  • Focus fire on the head
  • Equip Pack-a-Punched weapons for high damage
  • Maintain distance and use power ups like Instakill strategically
  • Time Nuke and Energy Mine drops when boss is in blast radius
  • Stay on the move to avoid getting trapped
  • Use open areas to maximize maneuverability
  • Score critical and headshots quickly to minimize health loss

For more information, visit our quick guide for beating Stormcaller.

The Mega Abomination

A group of soldiers from MW3 standing in front of a door, ready to kill various zombie types.
MWZ Mega Abomination

This massive elite zombie has an enormous health pool and the ability to endlessly summon reinforcements. They are incredibly durable and hitting their weak point opens them up to critical damage.


  • Nearly unkillable health
  • Can summon unlimited zombie reinforcements


  • Large slow target
  • Weak point when opened


  • Hit weak point when exposed for maximum damage
  • Use ring of fire field upgrade to boost damage
  • Save powerful killstreaks to finish them off

Mastering each zombie’s strengths and flaws is key to dominating MW3’s undead hordes. Use this knowledge to react accordingly and employ the right countermeasures. For more tips check out our ultimate guide to Modern Warfare 3 Zombies mode.

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