Complete Warframe Cedo Guide – Crafting, Build & Features

The Cedo shotgun maintains its dominance in the weapon hierarchy in Warframe, staking its claim as the most popular weapon in its class after the dominant Tenet Arca Plasmor was nerfed. As the signature armament of the toxin-wielding Lavos Warframe, the Cedo packs a poisonous punch when mastered properly.

This Entrati syndicate weapon requires thoughtful engagement to unlock its full potential, but it rewards Tenno with devastating bursts of damage.

Cedo Stats

Critical Chance20%
Critical Multiplier2.4x
Fire Rate3.83
Magazine40 / 200
Punch Through0.8
Riven Disposition0.65
Status / Projectile0.3%
Damage / Projectile (x6.0)Puncture: 30.0
Total Damage180.0
Average Hit230.4
Burst DPS883.2
Sustained DPS729.4

How To Get The Cedo

A screenshot of the Cedo in Warframe.
26 Slash procs from 2 shots decimates all foes

There are two primary methods to get your hands on the Cedo, the signature shotgun of the toxin-wielding Lavos Warframe.

The first option is to earn it through Syndicate standing by reaching maximum Rank 5 (Family) with the Entrati faction located in Necralisk on Deimos. This allows you to purchase the Cedo main blueprint along with component blueprints.

The second pathway to Cedo ownership is trading with other players for Platinum. Purchasing the main blueprint or fully built weapon from players bypasses the Syndicate standing requirements.

However, you must still meet the Mastery Rank restriction, needing to be at least Mastery Rank 8 to be able to wield this devastating Entrati weapon. So whether earned or bought, the Cedo and its burst potential awaits qualified Tenno who have access to Deimos content.

Cedo Blueprint and Acquisition

ComponentAvailable fromRequirements
Cedo Blueprint
Father in Necralisk on Deimos
Cedo Barrel
Father in Necralisk on Deimos
Cedo Receiver
Father in Necralisk on Deimos
Cedo Stock
Father in Necralisk on Deimos

Why You Should Use The Cedo

A major feature that sets the Cedo apart is having Condition Overload essentially built right into the weapon as a passive. This grants the shotgun a permanent damage boost against enemies affected by status conditions, without needing to mod for it.

In addition, the Cedo’s alternate fire launches a glaive projectile that automatically seeks out up to 11 enemies before returning. This disc has a high 50% status chance, guaranteeing additional status procs with each impact. This perfectly complements Cedo’s passive by spreading unique status types to boost its regular attack’s damage.

With the ability to easily proc up to seven status effects from a single shot, you can get a massive 420% damage bonus when using just one element mod. This makes building for viral damage ideal in order to further amplify those deadly slash procs.

While the Cedo itself boasts high base damage per shot, its range is limited by traditional shotgun mechanics. However, its bouncing glaive disc provides the utility needed to compete with top-tier kitguns. Endgame builds focus on maximizing fire rate, multishot, critical chance, critical damage, and optionally reload speed to unleash devastating bursts.

Best Mod Builds For The Cedo

The best build for the Cedo gives it a huge amount of viral, puncture and slash procs – granting an upwards of 200% bonus damage from Galvanized Savvy and Cedo’s in-built Condition Overload effect. On top of this, the extra crit mods let Cedo put out the early damage to ramp Galvanized Hell.

By using mods like Galvanized Acceleration, Galvanized Savvy, Galvanized Hell, Primed Ravage, and Hunter Munitions, you can push the Cedo’s critical damage and status chance through the roof. Pair that with essentials like Primed Point Blank for base damage and Critical Deceleration to balance out the increased fire rate.

Additionally, the Toxic Barrage mod adds even more status procs on top of the Cedo’s alternating glaive fire. And Chilling Reload provides some quality of life improvement. The key is to use that secondary fire to prime enemies with a variety of status effects first. Then switch to your primary fire or melee weapon to fully capitalize on all those stacked damage bonuses.

A screenshot of a Cedo screen in Warframe.
Cedo build Credit:

While utilising 4 Forma for the build will grant the optimal results, general play (up until end-game Steel Path) only really requires a few key mods:

  • Galvanized Hell: Like other Galvanized mods, Hell adds a snowballing effect to your gunplay. Getting kills grants a small boost to the mod’s stat, and Hell grants up to 20 seconds of 120% bonus multishot on-top of the base 110% granted by the mod.
  • Galvanized Savvy: Galvanized Savvy grants a base 80% bonus status chance and 20 seconds of potentially 80% raw damage boost on-kill, a perfect synergy with the Cedo’s in-built Condition Overload mechanic and its priming alt-fire.
  • Critical Deceleration: While Cedo is more focused towards status than crit, the stellar base crit chance of 20% and crit multiplier of 2.4x essentially begs for some crit stacking. Critical Deceleration boosts crit chance by 200% at the cost of 20% fire rate.
  • Ravage: Ravage is a great mod for the same reasons above, a 60% crit damage boost is outstanding on essentially everything.
  • Hunter Munitions: Probably the least-mandatory of these mods, but a great one nonetheless. Hunter Munitions grants a 25% chance to add a Slash proc to every enemy crit. Slash is probably the best status effect in Warframe, hitting enemies for True Damage – completely ignoring all reductions.

With the right Galvanized mods and a focus on applying numerous status types, the Cedo becomes an elemental explosion of poison, bleeding enemies dry in seconds. It’s already formidable base damage is propelled to new heights.

Cedo Synergy With Warframes

When wielded by certain Warframes, the Cedo transforms into an even nastier tool of destruction. Pairing with Lavos allows him to spread status types that the Cedo can capitalize on for even bigger damage.

Mesa’s Ballistic Battery charging up Cedo shots imbues them with critical devastation against groups.

Saryn’s toxin buffs also make Cedo an excellent vector for spreading her Spores.

The Cedo undoubtedly requires thoughtful modding and engagement to unleash its full potential. But for Tenno capable of mastering this weapon’s unique mechanics, it brings unmatched bursts of damage worthy of its popularity. By bouncing glaive discs to prep enemies and following up with enhanced shotgun blasts, the Cedo cements itself as one of the most dangerous weapons across the solar system.

Both new and experienced players will find it clearing star chart enemies and steel path content with no effort thanks to its stacked damage capabilities.

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