The Old Made New Again: Prime Warframes Rise from the Vault

For many Tenno, hunting down Prime warframes and weapons is one of the main goals in Warframe. There’s just something extra special about the enhanced Prime variants with their sleek metallic textures, improved stats, and additional polarities. However, once Prime gear gets put into the Prime Vault, farming for those items becomes virtually impossible…until now.

A list of New and Old weapons in the game.

Warframe has announced the new Prime Resurgence – a rotating in-game event that will give players a second chance to obtain Vaulted Primes without having to spend an arm and a leg buying them from other players. Starting January 18th and running for two weeks, Tenno will be able to obtain Regal Aya and exchange it for these returning arsenal pieces.

The First Wave Brings Back Fan Favorites

The first wave of Unvaulted Primes includes some of the most beloved Prime Warframes that players have been begging to have another shot at acquiring:

  • Saryn Prime: This deadly toxin-spreading frame remains top-tier in ESO focus farming to this day.
  • Valkyr Prime: Fans of melee combat love unleashing Valkyr’s Hysteria for invincibility and huge claw damage.
  • Atlas Prime: Rock-hard brute force plus the ability to summon weaponized rumblers? Count us in.
  • Vauban Prime: This clever engineer hasn’t been readily available since 2018 – but his gadgets are about to make a comeback.

Their matching Prime weapons will also be available, like the Cernos Prime bow, Venka Prime claws, Akstiletto Prime secondaries, and more.

A list of new and old weapons and armor in the game, including Warframes.

Will You Seize the Opportunity?

For those who missed out the first time around, the Prime Resurgence will finally offer the chance to pick up gear that usually requires 500p trades or $200 pack purchases when in the Prime Vault. Of course with Prime farming, luck is always a factor, but the odds will certainly be more in players’ favor.

Will you be jumping back into Void fissure missions with renewed fervor when these Prime Warframes and weapons emerge from the Vault? Share your thoughts on these newly Unvaulted Primes returning to the fold. The community would love to hear your reactions and theories around these surprise unvaultings!

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