Warframe’s New Gargoyle’s Cry Event Comes With Earnable Endgame Arcanes

As of the time of writing, the new Warframe event “Gargoyle’s Cry” has been out for an hour. Running from December 18th to January 15th, this new mini-event features guaranteed arcanes through currency trade-ins. Arcane Energize, Avenger, Grace and Ultimatum are the stand-out loot here, with some outstanding cosmetics up for grabs too.

Full Event Guide by GazTTV on Youtube.

How To Get Easy Arcanes (Energize, Avenger, Grace and Ultimatum)

To start the Gargoyle’s Cry event, players will have to be in a Clan. There are no other multiplayer requirements besides the basic funding of the new Dojo piece Vigile Jahu Gargoyle. Once placed, players can access the new interface that accepts the 4 new event currency.

To contribute to the event, players will give the new set of currencies labeled Curses of Hearing, Knowing and Seeing. These can be obtained through the new Assassination mission on Effervo (Deimos), along with the more important currency – Grotesque Splinters.

A screenshot of Warframe gameplay featuring a giant monster during the Gargoyle's Cry Event, offering players the opportunity to earn Legendary Arcanes.
Image credit to GazTTV on Youtube.

Standard completion of the mission Effervo will reward players with 2 Grotesque Splinters, whereas Steel Path completion will reward 4. Keep in mind that these drops are NOT affected by resource boosters.

The Legendary Arcanes can be purchased from the Vigile Jahu Gargoyle for only 12 Grotesque Splinters each. Resulting in 6 normal clears or 3 Steel Path clears PER ARCANE. This results in a mandatory 63 runs of Steel Path for a fully upgraded Legendary Arcane. Definetely sounds a lot faster than countless Eidolon Tricaps, especially for new and returning players with Cross-Save on the immediate horizon.

Cosmetic and Weapon Rewards From Gargoyle’s Cry

Besides the arcanes, the new event features a plethora of new and returning rewards for players to grab. The new Cavia Color Palette and Krios Signa Head Attachment are incredible looking, and The Ballroom Simulacrum returns again in-case you haven’t grabbed it already.

The Basmu and Ceti Lacera blueprints also return, being tradeable weapons that generally see a decent price increase once events are gone.

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