Warframe’s Dante and Inaros Get Major Upgrades in Latest Reveals

Digital Extremes pulled back the curtain on some tantalizing upcoming content for their hit online action game Warframe in their latest developer livestream. From a deeper look at the highly-anticipated Warframe Dante to details on the Inaros rework, there’s plenty for Tenno to get excited about.

Dante’s Dark Magic

A Warframe video game screen capture featuring Inaros.
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The team showcased more of Dante’s abilities, including devastating dark magic spells and his Exalted Weapon, a spectral arm blade known as Noctua. Players will be able to conjure shadowy doppelgangers and siphon health from enemies to empower Dante. His ultimate ability allows him to step between dimensions, vanishing from enemy sight.

New Warframe Mission Type: Deep Archimedea

The Corpus will debut a new mission type called Deep Archimedea that combines elements of Survival, Exterminate and Defend missions across three sublevels. Players will fight off enemies while locating hidden artifacts. The development team promises new rewards for completing these missions.

Inaros 2.0

Fan-favorite Warframe Inaros is also getting some long-awaited tweaks. His abilities now synergize better, with his dagger attacks spreading blinding sand and his Signature Scarabs healing him. His new passive ability, Divine Sarcophagus, grants bonus armor that scales with his Scarab Swarm. And Inaros’ Sandstorm can now pull in enemies from a wider radius.

It’s been over five years since we went to a PAX! Celebrating our 11th Anniversary there feels like the perfect way to reconnect with our Tenno again in-person. We are bringing tons of Dante and 1999 info nuggets to share at our panel and great vibes for our sold-out TennoVIP community event.

Megan Everett, Community Director

Warframe PAX East 2024

The next Devstream will include be at PAX East, where you can meet the dev team. The lead voice of Arthur in the upcoming Warframe: 1999Ben Starr (from Final Fantasy XVI) will also be there. The PAX Edition Devstream will air live on both PAX and Warframe Twitch channels on the 22nd March at 3 p.m. 

With 75 million registered players globally, it’s clear that Digital Extremes know how to keep fans hooked. This new content shows they have no plans to slow down. Veteran Tenno and newcomers alike have lots get excited for in the coming months. For more information, check out the official Warframe website, X and YouTube, and visit our Warframe featured page for more news and updates as they happen.

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