Warframe’s Dante Unbound Update Brings a Surge of Fresh Content

Prepare to dive into a new chapter of Warframe with the highly anticipated Dante Unbound Update, set to release next week.

Digital Extremes has said that the update will mean fresh enemies, weapons, and mission types that will keep players engaged for hours on end.

Master Reality’s Pages with Warframe Dante


At the heart of this update is the introduction of Warframe Dante, a formidable master of reality’s pages.

With unique abilities that can enhance allies or devastate enemies, Dante brings a new level of strategy and excitement to the battlefield. Whether you choose to bolster your team’s defenses or unleash a torrent of damage upon your foes, Dante’s versatile kit is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Test Your Skills in Deep Archimedea Missions

Dante update

For those seeking a true challenge, the Dante Unbound Update introduces a new mission type called Deep Archimedea. In these demanding missions, players must complete three consecutive objectives without any breaks.

This gauntlet-style approach will push even the most seasoned Tenno to their limits, requiring careful resource management and strategic planning to emerge victorious.

Face the Loot-Hoarding Gruzzling Faction

Warframe update
Warframe update

The update also introduces a new enemy faction: the Gruzzling. These space goblins are known for their insatiable appetite for loot and their tricky defenses.

Engaging in combat with the Gruzzling will require players to adapt their tactics and exploit weaknesses to overcome their formidable foes. Prepare to face off against these cunning adversaries as you fight to protect your hard-earned spoils.

Wield Powerful New Incarnon Weapons

No Warframe update would be complete without the addition of new weapons, and Dante Unbound does not disappoint.

Players can look forward to earning rewards such as the Ruvox, a devastating melee fist weapon, and the Onos, a versatile arm-cannon. These Incarnon weapons offer fresh playstyles and devastating firepower, allowing Tenno to experiment with new loadouts and strategies.

Inaros Rework: Revamped Abilities and Gameplay

In addition to the new content, the Dante Unbound Update also brings significant changes to Warframe Inaros.

The desert warrior has undergone a comprehensive rework, featuring new abilities and modifications to his existing kit. These changes aim to enhance Inaros’ gameplay experience, making him a more dynamic and engaging Warframe to play.

Express Your Style with TennoGen Cosmetics

Fashion-forward Tenno will be happy to learn that the TennoGen program returns in this update, offering six new cosmetic skin designs for deluxe Warframes, swords, and more. These community-created designs allow players to customize their appearance and express their unique style on the battlefield. Check out Twitch for more dteails.

The update will arrive on the 27th March. With the introduction of Warframe Dante, Deep Archimedea missions, the Gruzzling faction, Incarnon weapons, the Inaros rework, and TennoGen cosmetics, there has never been a better time to dive back into the game.

For more information visit Digital Extremes and our Warframe page with the latest news and updates.

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