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The much anticipated Last Epoch continues to reveal more about its exciting class masteries leading up to launch. One of the most unique is the Falconer mastery focused on summoning feathered companions in battle.

This class reminds me a little of FL4K and Gaige from Borderlands 3 and 2 respectively – characters that utilize summons as both utility and high damage output tools.

Having thought about the best way to use the Falconer class, I’ve provided the early framework for what I’m calling the Rolling Thunder – a Falconer’s Utility-Focused Ranged Build.

Rolling Thunder – Falconer’s Utility-Focused Ranged Build

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I’ll continue theorycrafting and testing the build when Last Epoch goes live in a week’s time, but this is the basis of the build:

  • Spec into the Falcon to auto throw acid flasks, then spec the acid flask into a 100% chance for armor strip.
  • The rest of the build uses bow skills to provide a more active play style, allowing the Falcon to function passively, and as a utility through the use of Net/Aerial Assault.
  • Dark Quiver gives a massive bonus damage to your primary damage tool, Cinder Strike, which is an AOE wave clear.
  • Cinder strike and Acid Flask provide room clearing AOE and debuffs, while the skills from the Falconer tree provide the bulk of your single target damage.

Falconer Main Skills

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Meet Your Winged Sidekick

The core of the Falconer build lies with your ever-present bird of prey ally gliding into combat at your side. This hardy falcon swoops around the battlefield attacking anything in sight. Best of all, it can’t die.

Players will be able to customize their feathered friend through the passive tree to focus on delivering critical strikes or tossing damaging Acid Flask at crowds of enemies.

Zoom Across the Battlefield With Aerial Assault

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While most classes stand their ground in combat, the Falconer takes to the skies.

Unleash Aerial Assault to grab onto your falcon as it snatches you up. Zoom a short distance before crashing down and bursting feathers at enemies.

Augment this movement skill in your passive tree to lower other ability cooldowns when used or apply damage over time effects after landing.

Dive Bomb Havoc from Above

When you truly want to unleash chaos from above, use the Dive Bomb skill.

Your hawk friend flies high and comes crashing straight down with tremendous force over a huge area. Foes caught in this dive bombing run get smashed with colossal damage. Upgrade Dive Bomb to reduce all your cooldowns whenever you smash enemies or set a decoy device as the bombing target.

Lock Down Targets With Explosive Traps

The Falconer comes prepared to limit enemy movement as well using cunning devices and traps. Toss out an Explosive Trap on the battlefield that soon detonates after enemies wander over it for fiery damage.

Or restrict monsters with a thrown Net that snares anything caught within. In true Last Epoch style, passives will allow players to customizing these traps.

Falconer Will Have Intrinsic Build Diversity

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The recently showcased Falconer mastery introduces a novel summoner playstyle to Last Epoch.

Rather than relying solely on minions, the Falconer utilizes a permanent falcon companion while also employing ranged weapons and gadgets, allowing for a versatile hybrid combat flow.

Core skills like Aerial Assault and Dive Bomb enable players to take flight alongside their falcon ally and rain destruction from above.

This promising class arrives February 21st on the Last Epoch 1.0 release, and I think it’ll breath some fresh life into the summoner archetype. Check out why we think Last Epoch is better than Diablo 4.

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