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Loot filters in Last Epoch allow you to customize what items are shown on your screen when they drop. With the large amount of loot that drops in Last Epoch, things can easily get cluttered visually.

Loot filters let you filter out loot that you do not care about, making it much easier to see the important drops.

Loot filters work by creating rules that either show, hide, recolor, or emphasize item nameplates when they drop based on conditions you specify.

For example, you can create a rule that hides all white rarity items or one that recolors unique items a bright green to stand out more.

How To Use Loot Filters

A screenshot of the Loot filters in Last Epoch
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Accessing Loot Filter

You can access the interface to create and manage loot filters by pressing Shift+F or by going into Options and clicking on the Loot Filter tab. This will bring up your list of filters. The one that is currently active will be highlighted.

Creating a New Loot Filter

To create a brand new loot filter from scratch, click the + button at the top and select “Create New Filter”. This will generate a blank slate to add your rules to. Make sure to give your new filter a descriptive name at the top.

Adding Loot Filter Rules

A screenshot of a character's Last Epoch character screen showcasing the Easy Guide feature.
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The key component of any loot filter are the rules. Rules are made up of visibility criteria and item conditions.

Visibility determines whether matching items will be shown, hidden, recolored, or emphasized. For example, you may want rare items to show in green or unique items to be emphasized and larger.

The conditions specify what items the rule applies to based on affixes, required class, item level, rarity, base item type, and more. Multiple conditions can be added to a single rule so it only applies when all are met.

A screenshot of a screen showing a list of items with Easy Guide and Loot Filters options in Last Epoch.
Last Epoch Mage Loot Filter – Image credit: Casualgamer

Be sure to set the correct rule priority as conflicting rules can exist. The rules are hierarchical, meaning those higher up will supersede the ones lower down in your list. If you ever have trouble with a rule or feel like it’s not working correctly, check to see if it’s not clashing with another rule further up.

Using Loot Filter Scripts

A screen shot of a Last Epoch Loot Filter Script
Loot Filter Script – Image credit: LastEpochTools

The easiest way to get started with loot filters is by importing pre-made scripts developed by other Last Epoch players. Rather than creating everything yourself from scratch, you can download a script file from a site like LastEpochTools and then import it directly using the in-game interface.

This will add all of the predefined rules and logic to your filter list, allowing you to get up and running quickly with a tried and tested loot filter made by experienced players.

Pre-made scripts come in many varieties, like strict filters that only show valuable drops or leveling filters that evolve to show better gear as your character gains levels.

Be sure to check for updates as sometimes new versions will get released after game patches that may contain relevant changes.

Premade Loot Filter Scripts

The great thing about imported, premade loot filter scripts is they take all the work out of deciding what is valuable to show. Expert players have poured hours into perfecting intelligent loot detection for efficiency.

And if you ever want to customize further, the scripts can act as a base to tweak to your personal preferences or create exceptions to rules on specific items you want highlighted.

Last Epoch loot filters are invaluable for reducing visual clutter and efficiently identifying important items. Invest time into importing and/or customizing a filter script to best suit your current character and goals. Your eyes and your character progression speed with both thank you!

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