Last Epoch Monolith Farming: A Comprehensive Guide

The Monolith of Fate in Last Epoch is a gateway to immense power and character progression.

This endgame system offers unique improvements, class specific gear, gold, experience and blessings that cannot be obtained through traditional items or generic mechanics. To truly maximize your character’s potential, mastering the art of Monolith farming is essential.

Targeting Monoliths For Class Specific Gear

Each of the timelines feature different end rewards that can help you farm for class specific gear.

TimelineExclusive Echo Rewards
Fall of the OutcastUnique/Set Bows, Quivers
The Stolen LanceUnique/Set Wands, Sceptres, Staves, Catalysts
The Black SunUnique/Set Helmets, Shields
Blood, Frost and DeathUnique/Set Body Armour
Ending the StormUnique/Set Gloves
Fall of the EmpireUnique/Set Belts
Reign of DragonsUnique/Set Swords, Axes, Maces, Daggers, Spears
The Last RuinUnique/Set Relics
The Age of WinterUnique/Set Rings, Amulets
Spirits of FireUnique/Set Boots
List of Monolith Rewards

Unlocking Empowered Monolith of Fate Timelines

A screenshot of the Last Epoch game interface offering a choice between two difficulty levels, 'normal' and 'empowered,' for a level called 'the last ruin,' with exclusive echo rewards detailed at the

Unlocking the legendary timelines in Last Epoch requires completing all three level 90 timelines, but the path to reach this milestone is not straightforward.

The Monolith’s structure is intricate, with numerous detours and circular paths that can hinder progress and make the journey more challenging.

However, there is an optimal route that minimizes the number of timelines needed to conquer before reaching the legendary ones. This path, excluding the final three timelines, consists of:

  • Fall of the Outcasts (level 58)
  • The Black Sun (level 66)
  • Ending the Storm (level 75)
  • Reign of Dragons (level 85)

While following this shortest path, players may encounter a steeper difficulty curve than anticipated. The quest echoes within these timelines can be more demanding, potentially requiring multiple attempts to overcome.

Despite the challenges, the time invested in tackling these specific timelines is still less than the time that would be spent exploring off-path timelines.

Farming Circle of Fortune Favor

A screenshot of the 'circle of fortune' screen from the Last Epoch video game interface, displaying various rank rewards and bonuses with a dark, futuristic aesthetic.
Circle of Fortune

In Last Epoch, the Circle of Fortune is an endgame faction that offers players a powerful way to target specific loot through the Prophecy system. While joining this faction restricts access to the Bazaar, the benefits of targeted loot acquisition make it a compelling choice for many players.

Earning Faction Favor

The key to unlocking Prophecies lies in earning Faction Favor. This valuable currency can be obtained by defeating monsters and completing quests throughout the game. The more Favor you accumulate, the more Prophecies you’ll be able to unlock, granting you access to guaranteed loot payouts.

Unlocking Prophecies

To unlock Prophecies, head to the Observatory in Maj’elka. Here, you can spend your hard-earned Faction Favor to gain access to these extra quests. Each Prophecy is designed to reward you with specific types of loot, allowing you to focus your efforts on obtaining the items you need for your build.

Refining Your Prophecies

To further refine the types of Prophecies available to you, visit the vendors within the Circle of Fortune. These merchants offer lenses that can be purchased to narrow down the pool of potential Prophecies, increasing your chances of obtaining the specific loot you’re after.

Monolith-Specific Loot

Different Monoliths within Last Epoch offer unique loot types, providing guidance on where to focus your efforts when searching for particular items. By targeting the appropriate Monoliths and completing their associated Prophecies, you can significantly increase your chances of obtaining the gear you need.

Gain More Favor in Higher Corruption Monoliths

One way to farm favor in the Circle of Fortune is by increasing your corruption. As you progress through the monolith, completing nodes will raise your corruption level.

Higher corruption leads to increased experience and favor gained from each node, allowing you to level up your character more quickly.

However, it’s important to note that elevated corruption levels also make the game more challenging, as enemies become stronger and more difficult to defeat.

Managing Monolith Corruption

A screenshot from a video game showing a star map interface for selecting levels, with various nodes representing different challenges or stages, each with individual modifiers, in a space-themed strategy or role-playing game featuring Mon
Sanctuary of Eterra

As you navigate the monolith, it’s essential to keep your corruption in check.

If you find yourself with higher corruption than desired, you can reset the monolith web by completing the Sanctuary of Eterra.

This allows you to maintain your preferred level of corruption while continuing to farm favor and experience.

Monolith of Fate Blessings

An interface from Last Epoch video game showing a selection of active and discovered blessings, with additional undiscovered blessings, set against a dark, ornate background.
Monolith of Fate Blessings

In Last Epoch, Blessings are a crucial aspect of character progression, offering permanent increases to various stats or item find chances that apply throughout the entire game, not just within the Monolith of Fate.

When you’ve beaten a timeline boss, you’ll be presented with a choice of three Blessings, which they can either keep or replace upon revisiting the same Timeline.

Each Timeline has its own unique set of potential Blessings, viewable in the inventory window or world map.

Empowered Timelines offer Blessings with higher values compared to their normal counterparts, and reaching 200 Corruption unlocks an additional 5th Blessing option.

Optimize Your Monolith Farming

A screenshot from the video game Last Epoch displaying an 'echo information' screen, which instructs the player to destroy the vessel of chaos for certain in-game benefits, including rerolls and timeline stability increases
Image credit: Reddit

The best and most efficient way to farm the monolith system is by strategically completing the beneficial nodes while avoiding the detrimental ones. This approach allows you to maximize your rewards without the added difficulty that comes with increased corruption.

Identify the Echoes that offer the most valuable rewards and prioritize them in your run. By focusing on the “Vessel of Chaos” and “Vessel of Memory,” you can ensure that you’re maximizing your gains and minimizing your losses.

Plan your route through the web of nodes carefully.

Focus on reaching and completing the “Vessel of Chaos” node. This powerful Echo allows you to reroll the rewards on incomplete Echoes, providing you with an opportunity to optimize your gains.

Another crucial Echo to target is the “Vessel of Memory,” which restores progress on all completed Echoes while preserving the rewards you’ve already earned.

By carefully selecting the nodes you complete and prioritizing the beneficial ones, you can accumulate a significant amount of favor without the need to raise your corruption level. This targeted approach to monolith farming ensures that you maintain a manageable level of difficulty while still earning valuable rewards.

If you’re interested in learning more about this strategy, Milkybk_ has a fantastic video that explains it that we’ve included below.

Video Credit: Milkybk_

Tips For Faster Monolith Clears

Here are our tips for clearing Monoliths fast and getting the loot you actually need.

  • Adopt a well-rounded build: Seek out builds that have been tested and proven effective by other players. Last Epoch has an absolutely fantastic collection of fan-made builds that can help you create a build from scratch or enable you to optimize a build you already have. These builds often strike a balance between speed, damage output, and survivability, reducing the likelihood of character death. Many of these builds incorporate a high uptime on Haste generation for enhanced performance.
  • Prioritize objectives over full map clearing: Rather than meticulously clearing every corner of the map, focus on reaching your objectives fast.
  • Embrace a dynamic playstyle: Keep your character in constant motion, only pausing briefly to engage enemy packs. Capitalize on the aggressive AI of Last Epoch’s monsters, which often pursue you across considerable distances. This allows you to bypass some enemies initially and deal with them later while progressing towards your goals. However, remember that killing certain enemies may be necessary to reveal mission-critical VIPs.
  • Harness the power of Shrines: Intelligently utilize the various Shrines scattered throughout the echoes to gain valuable advantages:
    • Haste Shrines provide a temporary boost to your movement speed, enabling you to reach your objectives more rapidly.
    • Water Shrines offer a reliable source of mana sustain, ensuring you can continuously use your abilities without running dry.
    • Ice Beetle Shrines summon freezing minions that can temporarily immobilize enemies, making them easier targets for your attacks.
  • Using a good loot filter will help to speed up your monolith farming process dramatically.

As you become more familiar with the monolith system and the various Echoes available, you’ll develop a keen sense of which nodes to pursue and which to avoid. Continuously refine your strategy based on your experiences and adapt to the challenges presented by each new monolith web.

Farming monoliths in Last Epoch is a rewarding and engaging way to progress your character and earn valuable resources. By either embracing the increased corruption for faster experience gains or carefully navigating the monolith to maximize favor without added difficulty, you can tailor your approach to suit your playstyle.

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