Best Gold Farming Methods in Last Epoch 1.0

Gold is an essential currency in Last Epoch that you’ll use to purchase items and empower your characters.

Enemies will drop gold when you kill them, and you’ll automatically pick it up from the piles of loot left behind. Destroying crates and other general furniture can also give you gold, although only small amounts. More difficult zones with stronger foes drop larger stacks of gold.

The primary uses of gold in Last Epoch are:

  • Buying gear and items such as Shatter Runes from vendors
  • Buying gear from the trading factions
  • Gambling for better gear
  • Crafting and upgrading gear
  • Respecing passive points
  • Unlocking stash tabs

Obviously, as in most ARPGs, you’ll want as much gold as you can get your hands on. In this guide we look at the best and most efficient ways to farm gold in Last Epoch. We’ve broken this down into a level guide as the methods of farming gold will evolve throughout the game.

Levels 1-55: Early-Game Best Methods

Main Story and Side Quests

Completing the main and side objectives in the Last Epoch campaign will give you rewards of gold (although as you can see from the table below, not every single quest will have a gold reward. Check out the Quests that give passive points guide).

However the sheer amount of gold that enemies will drop as loot will far outweigh these rewards.

Missing in the Highlands1SideThe Keepers’ Vault30 xp, 40 gold
Storeroom Sabotuers1SideThe Fortress Walls30 xp
An Ancient Path2SideThe Precipice150 xp, 500 gold
Armoury Aid2SideThe Council Chambers75 xp, 200 gold
Artem’s Offer2SideThe Council Chambers20 xp, 95 gold
Erza’s Ledger2SideThe Council Chambers100 xp, 15 gold
Evacuation2SideLast Refuge Outskirts150 xp, 150 gold
Finding Pannion2MainThe Council Chambers75 xp, 75 gold
Saving Last Refuge2MainThe Council Chambers100 xp, 100 gold
An Ancient Hunt3SideThe Council Chambers200 xp, 1000 gold
Clearing the Ruins3SideCultist Camp150 xp, 600 gold
Sanity in the Darkness3MainCultist Camp300 xp, 500 gold
A Study in Time4SideThe Outcast Camp500 xp, 500 gold
An Introduction to Crafting4SideThe Outcast Camp200 xp, 200 gold
The Admiral’s Dreadnought4MainThe Risen Lake800 xp, 500 gold
The Corrupted Lake4SideThe Corrupted Lake550 xp
Hidden Gems5SideThe Majasan Desert800 xp, 800 gold
The Desert Waystation5MainThe Oracle’s Abode1000 xp, 1500 gold
Alric’s Revenge6SideYulia’s Haven1000 xp, 1000 gold
Journey to the Necropolis6MainThe Desert Waystation1000 xp, 1000 gold
A Heoborean Cure7SideHeoborea1200 xp, 1200 gold
Liberating the Nomads7SideThe Wengari Fortress1200 xp, 1200 gold
Rahyeh’s Warpath7MainThe Gates of Solarum1200 xp, 1200 gold
Deep Harbor Rescue8SideThe Burning Pier1500 xp, 3000 gold
Destroying the Siege Camp8SideEtendell1750 xp, 4000 gold
Heorot’s Last Blessing8MainHeoborea500 xp
Isle of Storms8MainLagon’s Isle2500 xp, 4000 gold
Lagon8MainThe Temple of Lagon3000 xp
Liath and Thetima8MainLake Liath1800 xp, 2500 gold
Liath’s Tower8SideLiath’s Road2000 xp
Passage through Deep Harbor8MainSmoldering Grove1500 xp, 2000 gold
Sirens and Sailors8SideLagon’s Isle2000 xp, 4000 gold
Apophis and Majasa9MainThe Temple Rooftops4500 xp
Arjani, the Ruby Commander9SideMaj’Elka Upper District2800 xp, 2000 gold
Desert Treasure9SideThe Radiant Dunes3000 xp
Grand Theft Eagle9MainMaj’Elka Upper District3000 xp, 3000 gold
Harton’s Idol9SideSoreth’Ka1800 xp
Journey to Maj’elka9MainSoreth’Ka2000 xp, 2500 gold
Oasis Hunt9SideMaj’Elka Upper District2800 xp, 2800 gold
Last Epoch Main and Side Quest Gold

Selling Gear To Last Epoch Vendors

In the early stages of Last Epoch, it’s tempting to pick up every single piece of gear and either nip back to town to sell it to a vendor, or fill up your inventory entirely and sell it at the end of the quest. Loot is, after all, one of the main reasons we play ARPGs.

This is not a good idea.

You will only ever make a little gold from selling a piece of gear to a vendor in Last Epoch so our advice is avoid picking up everything you come across like a packrat. Obviously keep an eye out for loot that you will actually need – a Last Epoch loot filter will be your best friend for this – but don’t assume that you’ll get rich from selling it.

Check out our tips for levelling fast in Last Epoch during the early game.

Levels 56-80: Mid-Game Gold Farming

A screenshot of the Last Epoch 1.0 game screen with a plethora of different items showcasing gold farming potential.
Image credit: CasualGamer


Once they unlock for you, the Monolith of Fate echoes (dungeons) provide a fantastic source of gold.

After finishing an echo inside the Monolith of Fate, you’ll get gold piles from the ornate chest as a reward. Additionally, the specific echo itself may grant extra gold piles upon completion if it has a gold reward type and if you didn’t die on any prior attempts of that echo.

The Monolith of Fate is entered from The End of Time town zone, the central player hub which hosts many endgame systems. You first unlock access to The End of Time after beating the Ruined Emperor’s Corpse in the Ruined Era storyline.

The pathway to The End of Time will then open up and then you can get to the Monolith of Fate.

Shrines of Wealth

As you explore Eterra, you’ll come across magical Shrines that can be clicked to trigger various effects. These allow a single activation before dissipating their magic.

Shrines can summon groups of enemies for you to battle when set off or they can give you temporary allies (our favorite so far is the bees) that fight alongside you for a limited duration. They can give you buffs or piles – between 12 to 16 – of gold.

A series of images showcasing different types of statues.
Last Epoch Shrines – Image credit: Last Epoch Forum

As you level up, these piles can be worth substantial amounts of gold. For example, after level 60 we’re finding about 10k gold in each Shrine of Wealth, and on average we’re finding them one every 1.8 maps. All in all, Shrines of Wealth are averaging about 62k per hour once at level 80 for next to no effort required.

Levels 81-100: End-Game Optimizing Your Gold Grind

A screenshot of the Last Epoch 1.0's last epoch screen.
Last Epoch Trading Factions – Image credit: Last Epoch Forum

Trading Factions

With the Full Release on February 21st, Last Epoch has introduced its a long-awaited trading system centered around joining one of two factions – the Merchant’s Guild or the Circle of Fortune.

You can align with a faction after reaching the Upper District of Maj’Elka in the Last Epoch campaign.

The Merchant’s Guild focuses on player-to-player trades through a Bazaar marketplace. Circle of Fortune members gain boosted self-found drops via Prophecies and passives.

Gold is critical for using these new trading options: bazaar inventory slots require a gold fee, ensuring active participation. Prices scale based on member rank and available slots. Gold also allows reforging faction gear or items from the faction vendors.

These special vendors provide exclusive bases and means to acquire Exalted-rarity equipment.

For members of the Circle of Fortune, gold allows using Lenses to improve self-found gear in Prophecies. It also pays for Prophecies pointing towards valuable items.

Strategically optimizing your gold farming is a smart option in Last Epoch, as it’ll enable you to enhance your character build and gear to its utmost potential. From humble beginnings collecting coins off enemies, to Shrines of Wealth and Monoliths, you directly transform acquired wealth into power.

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