Last Epoch Quests That Give Passive Points

The Passive Point system is an integral part of character building and progression in Last Epoch.

As characters gain levels while playing through the game, they earn Passive Points that can be invested into various passive skill trees to unlock impactful bonuses and enhancements. For more information, check out our Last Epoch Beginner’s Guide.

The following is a list of all Main and Side Quests in Last Epoch that give Passive Points as rewards.

ChapterQuest NameQuest TypeLocationPassive Points
Chapter 1 – The KeepersThe KeepersMain QuestThe Keepers’ Camp1
Chapter 1 – The KeepersThe Keeper VaultMain QuestThe Keepers’ Vault1
Chapter 1 – The KeepersStoreroom SabotuersSide QuestThe Storerooms1
Chapter 2 – The Ruined FutureThe Power of MasteryMain QuestThe End of Time1
Chapter 2 – The Ruined FutureFinding PannionMain QuestThe Council Chambers1
Chapter 2 – The Ruined FutureErza’s LedgerSide QuestThe Council Chambers1
Chapter 2 – The Ruined FutureArtem’s OfferSide QuestThe Council Chambers1
Chapter 2 – The Ruined FutureEvacuationSide QuestLast Refuge Outskirts1
Chapter 2 – The Ruined FutureThe Upper DistrictSide QuestThe Upper District1
Chapter 3 – Seeking the Last ShardThe Lesser RefugeSide QuestThe Council Chambers2
Chapter 4 – The Outcasts and the EmpireA Study in TimeSide QuestThe Outcast Camp1
Chapter 4 – The Outcasts and the EmpireThe Corrupted LakeSide QuestThe Corrupted Lake1
Chapter 5 – Aid from an OracleThe Oracle’s AidMain QuestThe Shining Cove1
Chapter 5 – Aid from an OracleHidden GemsSide QuestThe Majasan Desert1
Chapter 5 – Aid from an OracleThe Sapphire TabletSide QuestThe Oracle’s Abode1
Chapter 6 – Infiltrating the Immortal CitadelThe Immortal CitadelMain QuestYulia’s Haven1
Chapter 6 – Infiltrating the Immortal CitadelAlric’s RevengeSide QuestYulia’s Haven1
Chapter 8 – Lagon’s BlessingLagonMain QuestThe Temple of Lagon1
Chapter 8 – Lagon’s BlessingLiath’s TowerSide QuestLiath’s Road1
Chapter 8 – Lagon’s BlessingDestroying the Siege CampSide QuestEtendell1
Chapter 9 – Sands of MajasaApophis and MajasaMain QuestThe Temple Rooftops1
Chapter 9 – Sands of MajasaDesert TreasureSide QuestThe Radiant Dunes1
Chapter 9 – Sands of MajasaOasis HuntSide QuestMaj’Elka Upper District1
Last Epoch Quests that reward Passive Points

Strategic allocation of Last Epoch Passive points allows players to shape and optimize their character, whether tailoring them towards a specific playstyle or doubling down on their innate strengths.

There are multiple types of passive trees, including a base tree with general bonuses accessible to all characters of a given class, as well as mastery trees that unlock deeper into the game and offer more specialized nodes to take builds to the next level.

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