Fastest XP Farming in Last Epoch 1.0

XP, or Experience is probably the most important grind in Last Epoch. It governs the variety of gear you can equip as well as squeezing out some extra passive points.

Killing enemies, completing quests and activities all reward XP – with the Last Epoch 1.0 patch notes revealed just yesterday, we can see some major changes to the levelling process, especially in the early game.

Like any game, you’ll want to level up quickly to unlock more gear, better gear and coveted passive points so you can get straight into the endgame content like corruption farming and arena.

Thanks to some outstanding community contributors over on the Last Epoch Wiki, we can break down XP grinding into 3 core catagories, early, mid and endgame. Because earned XP can vary wildly, and will exponentially increase throughout the process – the numbers can seem rather redundant.

  • Level 1 – 55: Total XP Required = 1 135 707
  • Level 56 – 80: Total XP Required = 15 642 744
  • Level 81 – 100: Total XP Required = 125 524 652

Levels 1-55: Early-Game Best Methods

Main and Side Quests

Through completion of Last Epoch’s Main and Side Story content, you’ll get nice bumps to XP along the way (The table below shows all quests with rewards as of pre-1.0. Check out the Quests that give passive points guide).

The XP gained from killing enemies should vastly outweigh quest rewards at this stage.

Missing in the Highlands1SideThe Keepers’ Vault30 xp, 40 gold
Storeroom Sabotuers1SideThe Fortress Walls30 xp
An Ancient Path2SideThe Precipice150 xp, 500 gold
Armoury Aid2SideThe Council Chambers75 xp, 200 gold
Artem’s Offer2SideThe Council Chambers20 xp, 95 gold
Erza’s Ledger2SideThe Council Chambers100 xp, 15 gold
Evacuation2SideLast Refuge Outskirts150 xp, 150 gold
Finding Pannion2MainThe Council Chambers75 xp, 75 gold
Saving Last Refuge2MainThe Council Chambers100 xp, 100 gold
An Ancient Hunt3SideThe Council Chambers200 xp, 1000 gold
Clearing the Ruins3SideCultist Camp150 xp, 600 gold
Sanity in the Darkness3MainCultist Camp300 xp, 500 gold
A Study in Time4SideThe Outcast Camp500 xp, 500 gold
An Introduction to Crafting4SideThe Outcast Camp200 xp, 200 gold
The Admiral’s Dreadnought4MainThe Risen Lake800 xp, 500 gold
The Corrupted Lake4SideThe Corrupted Lake550 xp
Hidden Gems5SideThe Majasan Desert800 xp, 800 gold
The Desert Waystation5MainThe Oracle’s Abode1000 xp, 1500 gold
Alric’s Revenge6SideYulia’s Haven1000 xp, 1000 gold
Journey to the Necropolis6MainThe Desert Waystation1000 xp, 1000 gold
A Heoborean Cure7SideHeoborea1200 xp, 1200 gold
Liberating the Nomads7SideThe Wengari Fortress1200 xp, 1200 gold
Rahyeh’s Warpath7MainThe Gates of Solarum1200 xp, 1200 gold
Deep Harbor Rescue8SideThe Burning Pier1500 xp, 3000 gold
Destroying the Siege Camp8SideEtendell1750 xp, 4000 gold
Heorot’s Last Blessing8MainHeoborea500 xp
Isle of Storms8MainLagon’s Isle2500 xp, 4000 gold
Lagon8MainThe Temple of Lagon3000 xp
Liath and Thetima8MainLake Liath1800 xp, 2500 gold
Liath’s Tower8SideLiath’s Road2000 xp
Passage through Deep Harbor8MainSmoldering Grove1500 xp, 2000 gold
Sirens and Sailors8SideLagon’s Isle2000 xp, 4000 gold
Apophis and Majasa9MainThe Temple Rooftops4500 xp
Arjani, the Ruby Commander9SideMaj’Elka Upper District2800 xp, 2000 gold
Desert Treasure9SideThe Radiant Dunes3000 xp
Grand Theft Eagle9MainMaj’Elka Upper District3000 xp, 3000 gold
Harton’s Idol9SideSoreth’Ka1800 xp
Journey to Maj’elka9MainSoreth’Ka2000 xp, 2500 gold
Oasis Hunt9SideMaj’Elka Upper District2800 xp, 2800 gold
Last Epoch Main and Side Quest Rewards

Using a High-Level Alt

With the patch notes revealed for 1.0, we’ve seen a decrease in the amount of XP gained for completing Monoliths and Arena while below level 50. This has been a popular early game method for a while now and we expect that even with lowered XP/h rates, it’ll still be on top. However we will update this guide if the rates are below other standard farming methods.

Gold is an incredibly important early-game currency, the primary source of which used to be Arena and Monolith farming, check out our updated tips for gold-farming methods.

Levels 56-80: Mid-Game X Farming

A screenshot of a map showcasing various locations in Last Epoch 1.0.

Monolith Farming

Originally unlocked after beating chapter 3 but mainly accessible post-story, Monoliths of Fate serve as the primary farming tool for XP, Gold and loot.

After finishing an echo inside the Monolith of Fate, you’ll get gold piles from the ornate chest as a reward. Additionally, the specific echo itself may grant extra gold piles upon completion if it has a gold reward type and if you didn’t die on any prior attempts of that echo.

The Monolith of Fate is entered from The End of Time town zone, the central player hub which hosts many endgame systems. You first unlock access to The End of Time after beating the Ruined Emperor’s Corpse in the Ruined Era storyline.

The pathway to The End of Time will then open up and then you can get to the Monolith of Fate.

Arena Farming

With Arena Keys obtained through Monolith farming, you’ll be able to access Last Epoch’s endless mode – The Arena. From our early testing, Arena seems to be the best source of XP. It features endless waves of enemies to slay, with the potential for Experience Shrines every few waves.

Combine killing hundreds of enemies per minute with doubled experience rates, and you’ve got the recipe for the best midgame xp farm in Last Epoch.

Levels 81-100: End-Game Optimizing the XP Grind

A screenshot of the Last Epoch 1.0 echo information screen.

Endgame Corruption Farming

Once you start expanding and exploring Echoes in Monoliths, you’ll come across Corruption. By completing and stacking corruption, enemies will become stronger and the rewards greater. Builds start to really be tested starting around Corruption level 300+, at this point you’ll want to be near-fully built.

If you find yourself struggling to complete Echoes, and your XP rates suffering as a result – you can always reduce the corruption. You’re aiming to find a perfect medium where you can clear Echoes as fast as possible, while earning as much XP per kill as possible.

Playing with some friends can also help, I personally am shooting for a Void Knight with team support through Paladin skills specifically for this. I’m aiming to be max level and grinding high level corruption within about a week following this guide.

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