Last Epoch Set to Revolutionize the Action RPG Genre

Last Epoch is an upcoming ARPG developed by indie studio Eleventh Hour Games. The game aims to shake up the action RPG genre with innovative mechanics and deep character progression and theory crafting systems. This highly anticipated title lets players manipulate the flow of time while embarking on lore-rich adventures.

Find out more about the story, gameplay, features and the release date for Last Epoch.

Last Epoch Story

An image of a vibrant city illuminated by a green light in Last Epoch.

In Last Epoch, you play as a time traveler journeying through epochs to shape the course of history.

An Apocalyptic Storyline In the land of Eterra, a cataclysmic event shattered time itself and unleashed “The Void” upon the world. As a time traveler, you must journey through the past, present, and future of Eterra to uncover the secrets behind this apocalypse.

Your ultimate goal is to halt the impending destruction and prevent The Void from decimating all of existence. The ever-changing world transforms with each new era, providing fresh adventures and deadly foes to overcome.

A Last Epoch video game map screenshot.

The ability to travel between eras opens up new possibilities for exploration, questing, and growth. Along the way, you’ll uncover fragments of a fractured timeline, piecing together what caused this catastrophe—and more importantly—how to prevent it. With each new era, the world transforms, offering new regions to discover, foes to challenge, loot to plunder, and history to rewrite.

Customizable Classes and Skills

Last Epoch Classes

Players can customize their playstyle by combining skills and passives from across 15 mastery classes. These include Bladedancer, Paladin, Shaman, Sorcerer and Necromancer.

The highly customizable skill system is the cornerstone of Last Epoch’s gameplay. Players can choose from over 100 different active skills, each belonging to one of the game’s mastery classes. These skills act as the defining abilities of your character, used to battle foes and overcome obstacles throughout your journeys across the land of Eterra.

As you adventure and gain experience, your equipped skills will also increase in power.

Each skill comes with its own specialization tree, providing ways to modify and enhance that skill through skill point investment.

A screenshot of the Last Epoch character tree, featuring a detailed skill progression system.

You can customize your playstyle by focusing on specific branches of a skill’s tree, such as reducing mana cost or improving damage output.

With so many impactful decisions to make, no two characters will ever progress or perform exactly the same. The deep skill customization ensures an RPG experience tailored specifically to your preferences.

Whether you prefer getting up close and personal as the warrior Sentinel, wielding vicious spells as the arcane Spellblade, or harnessing elemental fury as the mage, Last Epoch has a class that caters to your preferences. With deep customization systems, you can fine-tune your build to match your approach.

Thrilling Real-Time Combat

A screenshot of Last Epoch Mage combat

Last Epoch features frenetic real-time combat that keeps you on your toes. Dodge enemy blows, block attacks with well-timed parries, and strike back with powerful class abilities. String together skills for fluid combos that annihilate groups of foes.

The challenging boss battles put your combat mastery to the test, providing intense clashes that feel triumphant to overcome. With three difficulty settings to choose from, you can find the right level of challenge.

Crafting, Looting and Endgame Content

A captivating screenshot of a Last Epoch character, immersed in action within the video game world.

The loot system offers a satisfying gear hunt, with crafted items and magic weapons aplenty. Randomized dungeons packed with enemies and boss fights will put your newfound powers to work.

Endgame activities pose the ultimate challenge, including grueling Gauntlets, competitive Arena Battles, and the ever-changing Monolith of Fate. Between the Hardcore mode, Solo Self Found mode and the Leaderboard, there should be plenty to keep new and veteran ARPG players happy.

Last Epoch Game Editions

Eleventh Hour Games has provided gamers with three editions of Last Epoch to choose from, each with its own exclusive content and bonuses. Let’s take a closer look at each edition:

  1. Standard Edition – $34.99: This entry-level edition offers exceptional value for money, attracting over 1 million players during the Early Access phase. The Standard Edition pre-order comes with the adorable Golden Guppy exclusive pet.
  2. Deluxe Edition – $49.99: Priced slightly higher than the Standard Edition, the Deluxe Edition offers additional perks. In addition to the Golden Guppy pet, players who opt for the Deluxe Edition will receive the full game soundtrack as a digital download and 50 Epoch Points. On February 21, this edition unlocks the Adolescent Chronowyrm cosmetic pet, the Fallen Ronin cosmetic armor set, and the Firefly’s Refuge cosmetic portal.
  3. Ultimate Edition – $64.99: The Ultimate Edition is for the true Last Epoch enthusiasts who want the ultimate gaming experience. Along with the cosmetics and soundtrack from the Deluxe Edition, the Ultimate Edition includes 100 Epoch Points. On February 21, it grants access to the Temporal Guardian cosmetic armor set, the Twilight Fox cosmetic pet, the Adult Chronowyrm cosmetic pet, and the Celestial Way cosmetic portal.

Who Makes Last Epoch?

An image of a Last Epoch forest with trees and flowers.

Last Epoch comes from the creative minds at Eleventh Hour Games, a passionate indie studio intent on advancing the action RPG genre.

Eleventh Hour Games has kept in constant communication with their community throughout Early Access, using feedback to refine Last Epoch’s systems and content.

As evidenced by their active subreddit, Discord, and weekly development updates, this studio cares deeply about crafting the best possible experience for players.

Last Epoch Release Date – Launching on PC First

Last Epoch is releasing first on PC via Steam on February 21st, 2023. Eleventh Hour Games plans to bring the game to Xbox Series X/S and PS5 consoles sometime after the PC 1.0 release, and we’ll keep you updated when we get more information.

With innovative features, stellar visuals powered by Unity engine, and an epic time-traveling journey, Last Epoch shows incredible promise. Although it has stiff competition with games like Diablo 4 and the upcoming Path Of Exile 2, this ambitious title could very well set new benchmarks for the action RPG genre. If you’re like us and pretty excited for the the full launch, keep up to date with all developments on the website and wishlist the game on Steam.

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