Dead by Daylight Unveils Sinister New Chapter: All Things Wicked

Dead by Daylight, the popular asymmetrical survival horror game, has once again captivated its fans with the introduction of its latest chapter, All Things Wicked.

This spine-chilling addition to the game features a terrifying new Killer, a courageous Survivor, and a map that holds dark secrets waiting to be unraveled.

A Town Shrouded in Mystery

The new chapter takes players to the unsettling town of Greenville, a place that appears ordinary on the surface but harbors a disturbing history of unexplained disappearances and eerie urban legends.

As players explore the Greenville Square map, they will encounter a labyrinth of narrow alleys, abandoned storefronts, and ominous shadows that hint at the malevolent presence lurking within.

The Unknown: A Killer Like No Other

At the heart of All Things Wicked is the mysterious and terrifying Killer known only as The Unknown. This sinister entity possesses the ability to launch toxic projectiles, induce vivid hallucinations, and manipulate the perception of its victims.

As players attempt to survive against this formidable foe, they must navigate a world where reality blends with nightmares, and trust becomes a fragile commodity.

Artwork of a horrifying creature wielding an axe from the video game Dead by Daylight, titled 'The Unknown' for the 'All Things Wicked: New Chapter' series.
The Unknown, the newest Killer in DBD.

The Unknown’s unique abilities make it a formidable adversary for even the most experienced players. With the power to become faster while chasing survivors and the capacity to undo their progress, The Unknown employs tactics that sow doubt and confusion among its prey.

Survivors must work together, communicating effectively and devising clever strategies to outsmart this cunning Killer.

Sable Ward: Missing in the Midst of Chaos

Alongside The Unknown, All Things Wicked introduces a new Survivor named Sable Ward. Described as a determined and resourceful individual, Sable’s disappearance adds another layer of intrigue to the already unsettling atmosphere of Greenville.

Details about her appearance and last known whereabouts have been released, fueling speculation about her involvement in investigating the town’s supernatural phenomena.

As players step into the shoes of Sable Ward, they must use their wits and resilience to survive the horrors that await them in Greenville Square.

A promotional image for
Sable Ward, the new Survivor in DBD.

With each narrow escape and heart-pounding chase, they will uncover clues that may shed light on Sable’s fate and the dark secrets that plague the town.

Unraveling the Secrets of Greenville Square

To further immerse players in the eerie world of All Things Wicked, the developers have released tantalizing promotional material, including sketches of The Unknown based on eyewitness accounts and recovered information.

These glimpses into the Killer’s unsettling appearance and origins have only heightened the anticipation surrounding the chapter’s release.

Dead by Daylight’s All Things Wicked chapter is now available on multiple gaming platforms, inviting players to plunge into the depths of Greenville’s unsettling mysteries.

As they explore the Greenville Square map, confront the terrifying Unknown, and unravel the secrets surrounding Sable Ward’s disappearance, players will find themselves entangled in a web of horror and suspense that will keep them on the edge of their seats.

Brace yourself for an unforgettable experience as Dead by Daylight takes you on a journey into the heart of All Things Wicked.

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