Stranger Things Returns to Dead by Daylight In Renewed Partnership

Behaviour Interactive has announced the highly anticipated return of The Stranger Things Chapter to the popular multiplayer horror game Dead by Daylight. The crossover event brings elements from the critically acclaimed Netflix series into the asymmetric survival game to celebrate Stranger Things Day on November 6th.

Battle Demogorgons in The Upside Down

The Demogorgon, the faceless monster from the Netflix series, returns as a playable Killer in Dead by Daylight. Featuring long claws and powerful jumps through Portals, the Demogorgon is a formidable Hunter capable of traversing the map quickly to catch Survivors off-guard. Players can embody the unnatural creature and hunt prey in the dark realm of The Upside Down.

Play as Iconic Stranger Things Characters

In addition to the Demogorgon, Survivor characters Nancy Wheeler and Steve Harrington are back with their own exceptional perks, unfortunately the pair’s unique perks were converted into generic perks back in 2021. But I personally still run Steve’s Babysitter and Second Wind perks to this day.

Explore the Hawkins Lab

The Hawkins National Laboratory map from Dead by Daylight is returning!

The Underground Complex map returns after an almost 2 year hiatus, letting players explore the ominous corridors and rooms of the secret Hawkins National Laboratory once again. Flickering lights, strange organic growths on walls, and the ever-present hazard of the Demogorgon lurking in the shadows recreate the setting of the first season of the show.

Get Stranger Things Cosmetics in the Store

Along with the Chapter, new and returning cosmetics will be available in the Dead by Daylight store. Outfits like Jonathan Byers for Steve and the Scoops Ahoy uniform allow players to roleplay as their favorite characters. Other cosmetics include portraits and charms to decorate player profiles.

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