Killer Doll Chucky Slashes His Way Into Dead By Daylight

The iconic killer doll Chucky from the cult classic film franchise is making his way to the popular multiplayer horror game Dead by Daylight in a brand new chapter launching on November 28.

A Small But Deadly Addition

A woman and a boy are walking through a snowy area, unaware of the chilling presence lurking behind them.
Chucky in Dead by Daylight

Players who dare to face the wrath of Chucky will experience fresh and exciting gameplay mechanics as the pint-sized slasher brings his own brand of horror to the realm of The Entity. Although limited by his short stature, Chucky makes up for it with his twisted creativity and human sidekick, Charles Lee Ray.

As Chucky, players can take advantage of the doll’s small size to hide in unexpected places and ambush survivors. His special abilities also allow him to quickly pass through small windows and holes in walls that are not accessible by other killers. And when it comes time to hook survivors, Chucky’s human form Charles will appear to lend a hand.

Check out the Chucky trailer below.

Dead by Daylight Chucky

Terrifyingly Familiar Arsenal of Weapons

Longtime fans of the Chucky films will delight in his variety of add-ons that reference iconic moments and weapons from the franchise’s history. These include the infamous voodoo dagger, hammer, axe, and even the severed head of his former bride Tiffany.

Players can also customize Chucky’s appearance with outfits ranging from his classic Good Guys overalls to the nightmarish Bride of Chucky look. This allows them to make each match feel like a different scene from Chucky’s bloodsoaked past.

Collaboration Between Iconic Horror Franchises

This collaboration between two legendary horror franchises has been eagerly anticipated by fans ever since it was first teased earlier this year.

Dead by Daylight, created by Behaviour Interactive, is an asymmetrical multiplayer game that pits four survivors against a sinister killer. With over 50 million players globally, it has cemented itself as one of the premier horror gaming experiences.

Meanwhile, Chucky remains one of the most disturbing killers in cinema history. Still going strong after over 30 years, the Child’s Play films and TV series continue to thrill new generations.

By combining these iconic worlds, this chapter creates exciting opportunities for fresh scares and fun. Fans can look forward to experiencing Chucky’s unique brand of terror in the tense gameplay of Dead by Daylight when the chapter launches on Steam, consoles, and mobile on November 28th.

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