The Curtain Falls on DBD’s Spooky “Haunted by Daylight” Event

Today marks the end of Dead by Daylight’s spine-tingling Haunted Event, which has been running since October 18th. As the clocks strike 2pm ET, the supernatural festivities will come to a close, wrapping up over two weeks of Halloween-themed activities and rewards.

Void Energy Ushers in New Mechanics

This year’s Haunted Event introduced a new mechanic to the game – Void Energy. Players could accumulate Void Energy by performing various actions like stunning the Killer, escaping a chase, and more. This energy could then be spent to access the Void or transfer it between Survivors and Killers to gain various buffs and advantages in trials.

The Void itself provided a surreal, otherworldly environment where players could release Haunts – ghostly AI bots that could harass the opposition. It added an extra layer of strategy, with the potential to sway the tide of battle. Those who mastered the Void reaped sweet rewards.

Special Event Items Spice Up Trials

Haunted By Daylight's Pumpkin skin for The Knight.

Special event items also spawned in trials during the Haunted Event, including the All Hallows’ Eve Lunchbox which granted boosts to healing and repair speeds. The eerie Will O’ Wisp flashlight blinded Killers more effectively. And Hallowed Blight serums and Broken Bulbs allowed Killers to traverse maps quickly and surprise Survivors.

Plentiful New Cosmetics to Unlock

dbd survivor cosmetics haunted

In addition to Void Energy and special items, players could earn Dark Trinkets by completing challenges in the Tome and leveling up. These Dark Trinkets were spent in the Bloodweb on cosmetics like creepy masks and ominous apparel for Survivors and Killers. With over 110 new cosmetics available, there were plenty of ways to dress your characters up in ghoulish style.

Immersive New Lore in the Haunted Tome

The Haunted Tome itself provided juicy lore tidbits and insights into the disturbing universe of Dead by Daylight. Those who immersed themselves in its chilling chapters and completed the associated challenges were rewarded with gruesome cosmetics like The Creaking Bones for the Hag.

Daily Rewards and Hook Skins

dbd candy killer weapons

Daily login bonuses, like the special Backtrack charm, encouraged players to check in each day of the event. And rewards like the festive Jack-o-Lantern hook adorned the trial grounds with Halloween spirit.

Looking Ahead to Next Year’s Fright Fest

Now that the Haunted Event has come to a close, players will have to wait until next Halloween for a chance to dive into the Void and show off their spooky styles. The limited-time cosmetics and challenges will vanish back into the fog – only to reemerge next October when the creepy vibes resume.

For Dead by Daylight fans, part of the fun lies in the ever-changing content and events that breathe life into the eternal struggle between Survivor and Killer. Though the Haunted Event is over, there are surely more occasions and updates to look forward to in the coming months.

With each new chapter and event, Dead by Daylight finds thrilling ways to terrify its dedicated community of players. No doubt they are already eagerly anticipating what ghostly innovations the team at Behavior Interactive will conjure up next time. For now, the jack-o-lanterns have all burnt out, and the fog rolls back in on another ghoulish gathering.

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