New Features and Balance Changes Coming in Dead by Daylight’s November 2023 Update

Dead by Daylight is getting some exciting new features and big gameplay changes in its upcoming November 2023 update, based on the recent Developer Update. Players can look forward to new customization options and tweaks aimed at improving overall balance and the gameplay experience. Let’s dive into the key additions and adjustments on the horizon.

Show Off Your Style with New Player Cards

A screenshot of Dead by Daylight's character in a field with an axe.

One of the biggest new features coming in the November update is Player Cards. These are decorative banners and badges that players can equip to customize their profile and show off during matches.

Player Cards appear on the main menu screens as well as on the post-match scoreboard. Cards come in a variety of stylish designs, some featuring animated elements. Players can earn new Player Cards through Archives, Rifts, Player Levels, Grades, and other methods.

With Player Cards, Dead by Daylight is giving players more ways to express themselves and their in-game achievements. It should make the pre and post-match experiences much more visually engaging.

Trickster Gets a Toolbox of Changes for Better Balance

DBD's Trickster is getting a mini-rework soon.

The mischievous Killer – The Trickster is receiving a significant balance overhaul based on community feedback. Both Trickster himself and his abilities have been adjusted to make him more fair and fun to play as and against.

Most notably, The Trickster’s base laceration meter build up has been increased, so he inflicts damage faster by default. To counter this, the laceration threshold to injure Survivors has also been raised. This makes Trickster more rewarding to play as without making him overpowered.

Several other changes are focused on smoothing out Trickster’s gameplay. Movement speed and Terror Radius have been increased. Recoil when throwing blades has been removed, giving players more control. Main Event, his special ability, charges faster and lasts for a shorter time, making it more readily available but requiring smarter timing. Personally, as a Trickster player – I’m incredibly excited to try out some of these changes, one of my biggest gripes with the Killer was the knife recoil (feel free to call me bad).

Add-on balance is also being addressed, with certain overpowered addons toned down. Overall these changes aim to make Trickster’s abilities more consistently useful but less prone to potential exploits.

Perk and Map Adjustments to Freshen Gameplay

DBD's Garden of Joy map, recieving a rework next patch.

In addition to killer tweaks, the November update makes adjustments to survivor perks and several maps.

The “Made For This” perk will now require an extra condition to activate its Haste speed boost, making it less universally powerful. This change forces players to be more tactical with the perk.

On the maps front, Garden of Joy is getting a refresh with window and pallet loop changes for better balance. Meanwhile, Red Forest realms have been shrunk down and adjusted to improve visibility.

These map tweaks along with the perk change should introduce more variety and thoughtful decision making during gameplay.

Optimization and Public Testing Before Full Release

The Developer Update mentions that all of these new features and balance changes will first be available for testing on the Public Test Build starting November 8. This gives players a chance to experience the changes in a public realm and provide feedback.

The full official November 2023 Update will then roll out to all platforms over the following weeks, after further optimization based on PTB results.

Exciting Times Ahead

With customization, balance, maps, and optimization improvements on the horizon, the November update looks to deliver meaningful enhancements to Dead by Daylight across the board.

The new Player Cards system adds a great deal of personal flair. Meanwhile, the mix of killer, perk, and map adjustments demonstrate the developers’ commitment to improving balance and diversity.

Based on the details revealed so far, Dead by Daylight players have a lot of exciting changes to look forward to later this month once the November 2023 Update goes live on all platforms. It looks set to breathe new life into the game and address some lingering issues.

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