Geralt Brings His Swords to Destiny 2 in Epic Crossover

Bungie has unveiled an exciting crossover event bringing the legendary Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher into Destiny 2. As part of the Season of the Wish starting November 28th, Guardians will be able to buy new cosmetic items inspired by the famous monster hunter.

A Witcher Comes to the Tower

Front and center is 3 new armor ornament sets that makes your Guardians look like Geralt himself, complete with his iconic white wolf head hair and sword strapped across the back. Players can also grab a Witcher-themed Ghost shell, Sparrow, ship, emote and finisher bringing The Witcher’s dark fantasy world to Destiny’s science fiction universe.

I’ve got a few ideas for the finisher, either it’ll be a generic coin toss, or it’ll utilise some of Geralt’s battle magic – Igni’s probably a solid guess. Regardless it’ll be nice to have a new finisher based around one of my favourite games.

However, assuming that the pricing remains the same as other crossovers we could be tasked with spending $110 for the full collection.

More Loot in the Bungie Store

Bungie's biggest sale of the year - coming Black Friday

Alongside the in-game cosmetics, the Bungie Store is holding its biggest sale of the year. Previously retired Destiny merchandise is returning in limited quantities starting November 24th alongside a free Darkstar emblem for all purchases made during the sale period ending December 1st.

The store is also offering $7 flat rate shipping to the US, EU and UK, making this the perfect time to load up on Destiny apparel and collectibles. A new Wishing Well emblem will be included with all purchases starting on November 24th to commemorate the Season of the Wish.

The sale coincides with discounts of up to 67% off on Destiny 2 expansions and potentially dungeon keys across all platforms, making this the best opportunity ever for new Lightbearers to join the fight against encroaching Darkness.

New Destiny 2 Darkstar Emblem

Destiny 2 Nears Its Final Shape

As Guardians team up with Geralt this season, the Light and Darkness Saga that began with Destiny 1’s original campaign now nears its epic conclusion. The Season of the Wish is the last stop before The Final Shape expansion launches next year, promising shocking twists and reveals as both humanity and its enemies near the endgame.

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