Warframe Unites Tenno Across Platforms with New Cross Save Feature

Digital Extremes recently announced one of the most exciting and highly anticipated features coming to Warframe – Cross Save. This functionality will gradually roll out beginning with the “Whispers in the Walls” update in December, allowing Tenno to unite their progress across platforms and foster a more inclusive community.

What Does Cross Save Enable?

Cross Save allows players to link or merge their Warframe accounts across platforms to have a unified experience on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. Players can choose to simply link their accounts, designating one profile as primary to share certain items, currencies, and customizations. Or they can permanently merge accounts to combine all progress and most items into one primary profile.

Gradual Release Starting December 2023

A Tenno logo featuring a link in the middle, adorned with green, blue, and red colors.

While this news is music to Tenno ears across platforms, Digital Extremes emphasizes Cross Save will roll out slowly in phases. It launches alongside the “Whispers in the Walls” update this December, but eligibility for account merging depends on account creation dates. Players are encouraged to check the FAQ page for specifics on availability.

Merging vs Linking Accounts

When Cross Save goes live, Tenno can navigate to their Account Management page and access the Cross Save section. Here they can choose either linking or one-time permanent merging. Linking designates a primary profile to share certain progress between platforms. Merging combines items, crafting materials, customizations, unlocked levels, and more into one account.

The merging restrictions, how gifts are handled, Trades, and other specifics are addressed in the Cross Save FAQ page. Digital Extremes assures transparency about limitations or exceptions as they work to make Cross Save as inclusive as possible across all eligible accounts and platforms.

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