Mastering the Items: Unlocking Risk of Rain’s Artifact of Command

The Artifact of Command is one of the most sought-after artifacts in Risk of Rain Returns, allowing players to choose which items they want instead of relying on random drops. Unlocking it requires some effort, but gives you much more control over your builds. Here is how to find and unlock the powerful Artifact of Command:

Navigating the Hive Cluster

The Artifact of Command is hidden away in the top right corner of the dangerous Hive Cluster level, which has a chance to generate as the fourth stage in any run. Keep an eye out for shimmering, pink vines that indicate the way to the Hive Cluster. Though invisible, these vines can be climbed to reach the artifact.

Once in the Hive Cluster, you need to locate the Artifact of Command among the winding, organic tunnels. Look for a pink glow and follow the vines leading to it. Move carefully, as the Hive Cluster houses powerful enemies like Overloading Worms and Blind Pests. The winding paths can also make navigating difficult.

Claiming the Artifact

A screenshot showcasing a pixel art game featuring an artifact of command.

Having movement abilities like the Huntress’s Blink or the Photon Jetpack makes obtaining the Artifact of Command much easier. The Hopoo Feather’s increased jump height also helps traverse the vertical shafts and invisible vines. Lacking mobility will make grabbing the artifact a greater challenge.

When you finally spot the Artifact of Command, interact with it to pick it up and add it to the selection of artifacts available when starting a run.

Choosing Your Loadout

With the Artifact of Command active at the start of a run, random item drops will be replaced by colored boxes allowing you to choose an item. White boxes provide common rarity items, green boxes provide uncommon, red boxes provide rare items, and orange ones give equipment.

Opening a box provides a selection of items to choose from, but beware – once a box is opened the selection is locked in. Choose carefully when picking your items and building your ideal loadout. The Artifact of Command offers great power, but use it wisely.

Unlocking the artifact requires braving the dangerous Hive Cluster, but gives you greater control over your Risk of Rain Returns runs. Look for the telltale vines leading to the hidden platform, traverse wisely, claim the Artifact of Command, and enjoy tailoring your builds through the power of choice.

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