Unlock and Master the Tank HAN-D in Risk of Rain Returns

Risk of Rain Returns brings back the heavy-hitting robotic survivor HAN-D for more brutal action. Focusing on close combat and tanking damage, HAN-D can wreak havoc once you unlock this character’s full potential. Follow this guide to add HAN-D to your roster and dominate with this versatile mech.

Personally, I’ve found him to be decently consistent when built right. Some characters like The Enforcer can be pretty hit-or-miss even with the right items – but HAN-D does his job really well, with great synergy with glass cannons like The Sniper or CHEF.

Unlocking the Unbreakable HAN-D

To gain access to HAN-D, you must find the janitor’s closet next to a stack of shipping containers in the final stage – Risk of Rain – abord the Contact Light. The closet is located on the upper floors of the ship, around the left side.

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Once unlocked, select HAN-D at the character select screen before launching a new game. Get ready to bulldoze the opposition with an array of devastating abilities.

Maximizing HAN-D’s Built-In Arsenal

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HAN-D comes loaded with several active skills that make this bot a powerhouse:

HURT – High-Impact Melee Bruiser

The HURT ability empowers HAN-D’s melee attack into a crushing blow, perfect for smashing clustered foes. Time this attack to hit as many targets as possible for maximum effect.

DRONES – Heal and Harm

HAN-D can deploy up to 10 drones that autonomously attack nearby enemies. Let these drones soften up the enemy while you focus on maneuvering HAN-D. The drones also provide healing, giving HAN-D sustainability.

OVERCLOCK – Temporary Power Surge

Activate OVERCLOCK to send HAN-D into a frenzy, vastly improving attack speed and stun chance. Use this burst damage and ability spam to overwhelm dangerous enemies.

FORCED_REASSEMBLY – Crowd Control Shutdown

When the enemies close in too tight, use FORCED_REASSEMBLY to stun surrounding foes, buying you time and space. This powerhouse ability forces all enemies into a vulnerable state.

Load Up HAN-D for Maximum Impact

While HAN-D lacks mobility, you can customize your build by stacking items that boost damage and attack speed. Prioritize bonuses like:

  • Soldier’s Syringe – Improved Attack Speed
  • Alien Head – Faster Cooldowns
  • AtG Missile Mk. 1 – High-Velocity Ranged Attack
  • Frost Relic – Constant AoE Damage
  • Warbanner – Damage Boost Aura

With the right gear, HAN-D becomes an unstoppable force. Wade into the thick of battle and decimate the enemy with this heavyweight champion. Equipped and played properly, HAN-D will carry your team to Providence again and again. As a final note, HAN-D also has REALLY good late-game scaling with items – my longest run, 21 stages, was absolutely blitzed by this funny little robot helper.

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